Monday, June 11, 2012

The pharmacy counter and saddle time

So I'm waiting in line at the pharmacy.
The woman in front of me turns around and asks if I'm a runner. I was wearing a Run Girl Run T-shirt. I said yes and we got to talking about running. She was a sprinter back in her younger years. Then she noticed my really bad cycling glove tan (which seems to be only getting worse each ride).

I had gotten home from riding 155km (just shy of 100miles) in 35C heat (up to 93F). I felt like my brain was fried. I just wanted my meds. (that sounds bad, but you know what I mean). I just wanted to get out of there.

She kept going on about how awesome a runner she was until she got sick. It was obvious she was yearning to talk more about herself so I let her go. I was too tired otherwise. She went into her story about adrenal failure and everything else. I was interested to a point. Then she said she had diabetes for awhile. That perked my attention so I told her I have type 1. She said she had to take 4 shots and umpteen mg of pills or whatever. Said something about her pancreas regenerating itself, I wasn't entirely interested to be honest. The whole, "I had diabetes once but now I don't" doesn't really sit well with me. Next thing I know she's leaning on the display case and talking my ear off about all of her problems as we are standing in line at the pharmacy.

It kind of made me feel like a broken person. The pharmacy is what keeps me alive. They know me by name before I even make it up to the desk. It's not a nice feeling depending on meds. It also apparently puts you at risk of hearing people's "what's wrong with me" stories. Even when you aren't in the mood. It reminded me of two old folks sitting around the table complaining about what ails them.

The ride:
6:00am, 30mins in, sun rising. It was so beautiful

Céline. The other picture had her head cut off. Oops
I had a super awesome ride until I felt utterly cooked. It was slow going getting home in that heat. I rode down to where Céline and her peeps ride to go on a fun group ride with them and then ride home. It was a pretty good day of BGs. No lows or highs during the ride until the end. I will admit, I phoned for a ride. (UGH!) I was maybe 15km from home and I knew my parents were at my house. I didn't know when to "call it". I was dizzy, nauseous and becoming increasingly disoriented (I almost rode right into traffic). I was well hydrated and well carbed up. I think I was empty from hardly eating anything the day before as well as being just exhausted from the sun. I had eaten a bag of Honey Stinger chews right before I called it quits so that kind of messed up my BG sending me high post ride. Which really frustrated me, I totally had it in the bag.

I love listing off numbers, it's so satisfying! Plus, it forces me to document this stuff for later.
Distance: 155.2km (96.4miles)
Time: 6:11
Temperature high: 35C (93F)
Avg speed: 26.6km/h (16.5m/h)
carbs consumed: 200g
water: 3+ litres (100oz)
calories burned: 5295
Avg. HR: lost my HRM
Avg BG during ride: 7.1mmol/l (128mg/dl)

Not just rotted cow manure, WELL rotted cow manure.

I was SO EXCITED (you can tell) when I found this in my pocket. I was really bummed out because I thought I forgot it on the kitchen counter. I'm absolutely dripping sweat, I like how it's hard to tell in photos.

This would be me waiting outside of the store for my ever so kind father. Wasted, totally and utterly wasted. It was better than riding into an oncoming car.

Almost 100miles. Almost 2 weekends in a row of 100mile days. ALMOST! but not quite.


  1. It is rather crazy how many things you do while cycling: coffee drinking, photography. I can barely grab a sip of water unless I'm on a flat road with no cars coming. Obviously you and your bike have bonded.

    That was a pretty hot day for such a long ride. Hope you're feeling a little better today.

  2. LOVE the first picture.

    Mmm... Salted Nut Roll. I've been jonesing for one of those for the last week. I'm going to have to look for them here. One of my local friends said that Pay Day might be a suitable replacement, if necessary, but I'm hoping for the real deal.

    You made the right decision to pack it in and call for the team car. We've got to do more rides together in the future, and that could be harder if you get squished. Plus, almost 100 miles is still awesome.

    And I hear you about the whole "I had diabetes once" thing. I'm really happy that you got your bile ducts unplugged and now have normal glycemic control--I really am--but seriously.... This is why people in New England don't talk to each other in social situations. You might end up being "that person."

    p.s. - Céline seems to be on my bike. I hope she rode it like she stole it.

  3. Damn, girl.

    Oh, I hate the 'here's all the stuff wrong with me' conversations, too. :)

  4. Oh man, I laughed so hard when I read that line "I had diabetes for awhile..." ohhh people :)

    I got to say, I had a much better experience while waiting at the pharmacy last week. I was sitting in a chair, and this old guy, I think he was turning 88 in a couple of days, sits down next to me and starts chatting my ear off about how he and his wife met, were high school sweethearts, and then he pulls out a pic of them in like the 1930s. He was laughing it up the whole time – I love those kind of old people!

    Great ride! You must have some pretty awesome butt calluses by now :)

  5. 1) What a miserable experience at the pharmacy. Might have been super entertaining if you were in the mood for it though...

    2) You went on another 100 mile bike ride? Holy shit!! You take being a badass to the next level!


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