Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Looking for CHICKS with SPOKES!

Are you a woman?
Do you ride bikes?
Are you in my general area? (Hamilton, Ontario)

I'm looking for some ladies on wheels for rides in Hamilton. Don't get me wrong, I love my boys with shaved legs in spandex. It's just that with that Y-chromosome comes the inherent desire to show off. 

I've been out on two large group rides recently. The last one I went on - or attempted to go on - was entirely men. There must have been close to 40 of them. And me. Now, I know that riding with people who are above my level is the best way to get better but I just struggle to keep up with them and inevitably give up. I don't have anything to prove by wasting my energy 20km into a 100km ride. It just seems to me, men like to show off. They push the average speed of the group because they have to prove whose the bigger man or something like that. It's scientific, look it up!

I love to ride but it's become apparent to me that I don't have enough of a competitive edge to work hard at keeping with a massive group of men. It's not very fun. Not to mention the conversation sometimes leaves little to be desired. I'm more likely to hang back at my own comfortable pace because I'm just difficult like that. I also know that if I tried to keep that pace I'd be dead before the ride finished. It would be good for shorter rides.

So... I'm at a loss. I know cycling is predominantly a male dominated sport but I've seen tons of ladies out there. I've been tempted to leave a group just to chase them down and force them to ride with me!

Here is my public plea by use of my public space (my blog).

LADIES.... come ride with me!

I'd like to start a regular group to go out once a week. Do you lurk my blog? Are you in the area? Maybe you're a dude with a wife or girlfriend who rides. Maybe you're just like me and looking for a group to ride with that you actually WANT to ride with? I'm aiming for more of a social atmosphere than a kick-your-ass kind. I mean, if I want a hardcore bike workout, I can do that on my own any day. I'd like a group where the average pace is one that we can all agree on. And one that is not only discussed but actually followed!

I suppose men are welcome too but no competitions tolerated.

So I'm putting this out there in hopes that I can shake the male cycling tree to see if any chicks with wheels pop out. 

Comment here or contact me directly via Facebook or email. (email can be found in the "contact  me" page)

TIP: Don't google image "chicks on bikes" hoping to find a cute cartoon image. Holy crap.


  1. It cracks me up that your "I want a noncompetitive group of chicks to ride with" post leads with a photo of TT1 ladies racing. But then again, I'm easily amused. (And it is a great photo, too.)

    Anyway, I hope you find some great people to ride with. And, for what it's worth, I had a dude chase me down to ride with me when we were out by ourselves. It was the best ride I've had around my neck of the woods. Why not give it a shot?

    Damn my Y chromosome!

    Okay, I'm off to Google "Chicks on bikes"... Oh, my eyes!!

  2. Boo! Why the heck do we have to live so far apart? I would be all over riding with you! Hope you find some super cool cycling chicks!

  3. I think me and my Y chromosome would have trouble keeping up with you chicks on bikes (I'm going to follow your recommendation and NOT google that...). :-)

  4. I totally relate to how you feel and wish I loved closer - I would love to have a female ride companion!!

    Hope you find someone! Or two or three or ten!!


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