Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My neurotic self must finish this Matrix Challenge post

So it's been like 2 weeks since I've posted. And I've been BU-SY! I have to post about the Illinois half marathon and a week of racing bikes but I wasn't finished! I wanted to talk about getting lost all over Dallas for 3 hours on what was supposed to be a casual ride. And the incessant lows that came along with all that. Or coming within minutes to missing my flight and subsequently finding out my bike DID miss the flight. Or the second morning of the Matrix Challenge...

Sadly, I feel all of these things would be far out of date only two weeks later. However, given my ridiculously organized self I just can't start something when I haven't finished the other.

In short, Becky and I did the same race at the same time the following morning. Except it was much better because we had gotten sleep and didn't get lost trying to get there. It was another beautiful early morning before the heat became too much. Unfortunately within seconds of the field clipping pedals I looked over and saw Becky go down on top of someone else. We will never truly know the reason behind the miss-hap except that when you're going down it is not okay to grab the persons handlebars beside you. Luckily Becky escaped pretty much unharmed aside from a couple bits of road rash and got her free lap.

I held onto the field as best as I could until I could no longer catch up. I rode most of the race solo before eventually being caught up to by two other women. I worked with them for the rest of the race and finished happily. I really did love this course. It had a bit of everything in a really tight figure 8 style set up. The neighbourhood was beautiful, the weather was ideal and the course was fun. Becky and I even won a T-shirt in a prime which I completely didn't believe. I still don't really believe it but hey, I LOVE t-shirts.

After the race we went for a tour of Dallas as we had a few hours to spare before our flights. The idea, of course, was to not get lost and make as few turns as possible. We pedaled along for an hour or so all the while talking constantly. When we decided to make our way back to the hotel we figured it would be as easy as a couple of turns. Well, it took us twice as long to get back as it took us to get out. A nice Texan man pulled over when it was obvious the two chicks in spandex and sexy bikes squinting over a phone must be lost. He tried (bless his heart) to give us a direct route back into downtown Dallas but it seems Becky and I are hopelessly directionally challenged. We went this way and that way and up and down and OHMYGOD everywhere. We would stop every few major streets and check the maps. I had almost eaten everything in my jersey (that sounds weird). My temp basal  had run out and I didn't notice it because we were out longer than planned. I had one pretty bad low when we were supposed to only be 6miles from the hotel. 6 miles was a complete lie because it was way longer than that.

The nice and concerned Texan

The bike adds a nice place to rest  your head while waiting for the low to go
I will say that Becky and I had a hoot trying to get back to the hotel. There were a couple groans and moans but overall there was a lot of laughter and head smacks. Every time I thought we couldn't possibly be lost again, we were. How can that NOT be funny? We were smart though and made sure we had PLENTY of time to account for getting lost and made it back to the hotel with time to disassemble our bikes and shower.

I took this video at the beginning of our "adventure".

I took this picture as we were waiting for the valet dude to bring us our minivan before leaving for the airport. Never in my entire diabetic life have I seen something so lovely. Mind you, it never did catch the bad low I had on the bike.


And in true Scully form, I nearly missed my flight. Ah, the stupidity this time? I thought my flight was at 3:55pm and it was really at 3:05pm and I showed up to the airport at 2:50pm. Needless to say I had to return to the Buffalo airport 2 days later to fetch my bike which didn't make it on the flight with me.

Oops? Gawd I'm SO stupid!

In conclusion.... I LOVED Dallas. The races were awesome and the fellow TT1'ers were kick ass!


  1. I love reading about your adventures! Although, there are times when it makes me tired just to read about everything that you're doing.

  2. It was great to hear your stories about Texas again on your blog. I can't wait to hear about Georgia and South Carolina.

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