Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mendor Discreet glucose meter

A meter review that has currently been sitting in my draft box now for close to 3 months. Can we say... forgetful? But since writing about my "Fantasy Diabetes Device" for D-Blog week, I was reminded about this review.

I managed to snag myself a Mendor Discreet blood glucose meter for review by being really nice to the peeps in Finland. Lindsay kindly directed me to Michael Aviad's review on A Sweet Life a little while ago. Okay more like over 3 months ago. The reason it made her think of me is because I guess I've been doing a lot of complaining (I guess) on the utter uselessness of the meters out there these days. I've been having SO many difficulties over the past couple years with meters "in the wild". I contacted the company and asked for a meter to try. I'm not going to re-iterate my qualms because even I'm tired of hearing them.

I feel like I have to baby these things. Oh precious meter, I will swaddle you in the softest of tissues, carry you in only the best Ziplock bags and then SHOVE YOU IN MY SPORTSBRA!!!! oh, it's to keep you warm and close to my heart! Not like it matters, bitch still don't work! Get back to my car frustrated and suddenly, it works. Greeeat.

So you all know (most of you all know) I run and cycle. I run year round and I live in Canada. That means cold temperatures. You also probably know by now, because I never stop bitching about it, that we have no CGM coverage here. I own one that I paid for out of my own pocket as well as the sensors. I don't use it as much as I wish I could. Sooo... how to monitor my blood sugars while exercising? glucose meter of course.

Where am I going with this?

I need to be able to rely on my glucose meter dammit! I'm out running for 2+ hours in the cold. I cycle for hours and hours so getting off the bike to test is irritating. I NEED a meter that's going to put up with my shit. It's like the companies don't expect us T1D's to be bad ass. What, we don't go outside? We don't run and jump and climb trees? We're not all dainty and careful with our belongings? You can't make a meter that will stand up to Scully abuse? C'mon. I know, I'm asking for a lot when I say that. I need a meter that is smash proof, waterproof, idiot proof... etc.

Enter the Mendor Discreet! Mendor is a small company out of Finland. They make the closest thing to what I've been looking for. It's an all-in-one testing device. No extra strips or lancet or carrying case! It has a hard plastic cover to protect it from moisture and grit. Everything is contained and the whole process takes literally, 10 seconds. Open, Lance, Read, Dispose, Close.

The company's 3 selling features:
  • No carry case needed
  • Integrated lancing device
  • 25-strip cassette
What do they say?

"Mendor Discreet is designed to blend into the most popular consumer electronic product range, not to draw attention when used. The meter aims at reducing social pressures related to blood glucose measuring in public places."

Both Lindsay and I agreed that the company does a really good job at making testing your BG with this meter look sexy. I'm totally okay with that!

Now, I'm not ashamed to test in public and with all other meters, it's pretty obvious what I'm doing. That discreetness is not the selling point of the meter for me. The speed at which you can test, the extreme portability and ease of use (especially while exercising), and the protective case are what got me. When you open the case it activates the strip to come out as well as cocking the lancet (cocking the lancet.. hahahaha). It's really streamlined. Remove the strip after use and close up the case. NO carrying case!

Below is my stupid video. I really feel super uncomfortable doing videos. It shows. And the fact that I couldn't open the case is pretty classic "dumb Scully".


I will also mention that before I took this video I tested my blood with my other meter. Mostly to make sure that I didn't have high blood sugar and then be embarrassed about my "poor control" to the world in real time. I know, I know, shut up! But also, to see how close it was to my other meter and it was precisely 0.1mmol off. Totally insignificant. Totally awesome.

...Since I was too much of an idiot to open the case in the video.

As always there are a few downfalls. Firstly and probably the biggest thing, this meter isn't available in North America. Uhm, kind of a BIG downfall. It is not FDA approved and I have no idea if they are looking into it. I still wanted to try this bad boy even though I knew I couldn't obtain strips aside from the one cassette they sent me. Unless someone has secret black market tips.... Anybody?!

For my purposes (shoving this thing in my sweaty sportsbra during winter) I sort of wish there was a locking closure to better seal it from my boob sweat. Also, no lights. No illuminated screen, no port light, no nothing. I have a slight doubt about the quality of the moving parts just because, well, it's ME and I tend to break stuff. Barring that, I would pass off those qualities for this meter because I think it's really fantastic.

It's the closest thing to what I've been looking for. I don't have to stop while running, I don't have to get off my bike while cycling! During Around the Bay I dropped it on the pavement while running and it didn't even break!

And here's a short video of me attempting (successfully) to test my blood sugar WHILE riding my bike. This was taken back in March (the cold weather clothing). Thank you to my friend Michael for taking a video of me while we were both riding. I'm moving slowly but with practice I could do this with a bit more speed.




  1. That looks so cool. I should see if I can get one sent my way. Ugh, FDA is silly. I loved your videos- they were cute, & that makes testing while riding look super easy.

  2. Super Cool!! I wish the FDA would get their heads out of their asses sometimes...sure, I understand why they have their approval process, but somethings (like THIS meter) are a no brainer!
    Wish I had some connections in Finland, but alas, I do not.

    Oh, loved the 'party finger'...totally going to have to use that next time Bean's finger does that! :)

  3. I think if I test while on my bike I would fall off. I'm glad you like it so much. Hopefully they approve it soon in North America.

  4. Hi All,

    Thank you for the very nice comments! You are the main reason we are doing what we do!

    We are in the process of getting the FDA approval, but it is hard to say when we get it. However, we suggest following @mendor_com at twitter and checking out our Facebook page frequently in order to stay up to date!

    Please feel to get in touch, if you have any further questions :)

    comment by @RikuLindholm

  5. That sucker is at least on the right track to making us diabetics live in the 20th century. You and I always have the same thoughts on these meters and why does it seem like they can't make one quality unit and have the other crappie ones for everyone else. thanks for the review and it does suck we can't get them here.

  6. These are available online for shipment to a UK address.
    They are currently out of meters but the cost of 100 lancets is $14.40 CDN, two 25 test cartridges are $48 CDN and two control solutions are $20 CDN. Cost of shipping to an address in the UK is $17.50 per package.
    If you had these shipped to Aunty Joan you would have to pay her to have her ship them here to you.I am not sure how much that would cost.

  7. Just entered my details on the UK website to try one of these bad boys. 6 weeks for delivery IF they have any left :-(


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