Sunday, May 13, 2012

May 12 of 12

Okay so maybe it seems like those in the blog world have kind of given up on the monthly 12 of 12. I haven't and don't plan on it. I look forward to it still.

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1.  I was sitting in my living room drinking coffee before a 100km charity ride. The sun was striking sexy bitch in a way that made me need to photograph it.

2.  Two nights earlier I had finally dedicated some time to re-assembling my bike after being apart and boxed. Then I spent 2 hours cleaning it. So after the pretty sunlight picture I took this.

3. After the ride at the cafe. This is probably the most brilliant idea I've seen and can't believe more places don't do it. Instead of ice they use coffee ice cubes! genius!

4. These cycling shoes ROCK THE SHIT!!!

5. Driving home after the ride.

6. Chilling out on the bench in my backyard. Much needed relaxation.

7. Still laying on the bench and feeling rather..... weird.

8. Flowers in my backyard make me happy.

9. Tax return came back.

10. Later in the evening I stopped off at Starbucks before heading to the lake. The sign on one of the bathrooms pisses me off. Someone is stealing soap? come on idiots!

11. Messing around with my iphone at night.

12. More messing around with my iphone. Very strange and shitty quality pictures but I took this and it was really dark. Can you see the ducklings? I guess they're "geeslings". Whatevs, They're cute.

That would make 12. I know there were a lot of pictures related to cycling but what can I say... I love riding bikes.


  1. Hey there,
    I've recently started reading your blog and am really enjoying it. I also wanted to let you know that I am doing my first D-Blog Week post tomorrow and I'm talking about your blog!

    I was pumped to see that you are Canadian!!

  2. LOVE your shoes!!

    At first I thought the 2nd to last shot was of popcorn... now I'm thinking it's a tree, at night.

    Thanks for sharing your day!
    ~ Jill

  3. Love it!

    Are those your shoes? 'Cuz they're Hot! (I'll take a picture of mine later today. How's that?)


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