Tuesday, May 22, 2012

D Blog Week Day 7 - Diabetes Hero

LAST DAY OF D-BLOG WEEK! (2 days late)

Today is day 7 and the topic is "Diabetes Hero" for Diabetes Blog Week
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"Let’s end our week on a high note and blog about our “Diabetes Hero”.  It can be anyone you’d like to recognize or admire, someone you know personally or not, someone with diabetes or maybe a Type 3.  It might be a fabulous endo or CDE.  It could be a d-celebrity or role-model.  It could be another DOC member.  It’s up to you – who is your Diabetes Hero??"

My SUPER hero is Dr. Banting of course for his discovery of the life giving serum that is insulin. Because without it.... ... ... well you already know the answer.

I have many heroes.
But here are three.....

Chloe Vance: the mastermind behind the organization Connected in Motion

I am intrigued and inspired by this one young woman who desired to connect diabetes and outdoor education. What started as an idea is now a registered charity. What started as 1 local Toronto winter event with a dozen diabetics is now a 60+ person adventure with a shit ton of events happening all year round and all across Canada. I've met some of the best people because of Chloe. I have formed life long friendships thanks to her.

"Our mission is to foster a community of people living with Type 1 Diabetes so that they  may inspire one another to live without limits."

And a community HAS formed! Adventure seeking type 1 diabetics unite!

Chloe is a hero!

Phil Southerland: the driving force behind Team Type 1

Phil's most powerful quote IMO "Be the C.E.O. of your own body." Because diabetes is just that, a patient-driven disease. I also can't help but love what he's created with the Team Type 1 Organization. Phil overcame all odds when he was diagnosed at just 7 months old. His mother was told he would be blind and quite possibly dead by the age of 25. He is not dead nor is he blind. He's living healthy past 25 and doing amazing things for the advocacy of diabetes awareness. He's a global ambassador for diabetes joining hands with the International Diabetes Federation to donate supplies to children in Rwanda. AND BEYOND!

"We strive to instil hope and inspiration for people around the world affected by diabetes."

Phil is a hero!

Dr. Bill Russell: A pediatric endocrinologist at Vanderbuilt University in Nashville, TN.

I had the pleasure of meeting him in Tennesse and was absolutely blown away by his charisma. He has such a positive optimistic view on those living with diabetes that it was impossible not to love him. He was full of support and amazement at what we do and wasn't afraid to tell us that. Other endos should go to him for advice!

He says, "This doctor-patient thing is really about relationships and about helping one another. TT1 has taught me how success in diabetes self-management results when we watch out for each other and share encouragement and experiences. I really meant what I said about how profoundly you guys influence our kids with T1D."

Dr. Russell is a hero!

On a more personal level,

My mummers for advocating for my health in recent years when I was so sick I imagined my life coming to an end. "As your mother I have to advocate for your health." As well to the rest of my family for never EVER judging me or my chocolate addiction but always there when I need them. For never seeing me as anything but their sister/daughter. For always putting diabetes as something that was just "there". They are my heroes because they let me be a person. A person who happens to have diabetes. Around my family is one of the places I can sometimes forget about it for awhile. Where would I be without my "rocks"? Yes, my family are my heroes, through and through.

To tell you the truth, I started linking to some of the fantastic amazing people out there who I've connected with and who have helped me. I couldn't find a place to end the list because there were just far too many people who are like heroes to me. There are many people who have reached out to me over the years and given me so much support I could to hug you hard enough to squeeze your eyeballs out! From fellow bloggers who have become real life friends to strangers I meet just from wearing TT1 logos. 

I continue to meet amazing people with every trip I make with TT1 and on my own. I never take those people who have influenced my life for the better for granted. 

So ends the 3rd annual Diabetes Blog Week and my 2nd year participating. Where else can you find close to 250 D-bloggers joining forces and participating in a week long blogging event? I tell ya, this DOC is a really tight knit group of folks that I'm honoured to be a part of. 


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  2. This is great!

    I love reading your posts because of your enthusiasm and your willingness to share your awesomeness with the world. You're one of the reasons why our ever-growing DOC is such a tight-knit place.

    (But please don't squeeze my eyeballs out. I'm going to need them later, I think. :^)

  3. Amazing post!!!!!! So well said and heartfelt! You are a hero for many of us :-)

  4. I love this post. I love your heroes. And I love you for being you and for inspiring us to keep it real, persevere through obstacles, and get out there and do whatever it is we like.

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