Friday, May 18, 2012

D Blog Week Day 5 - What They Should Know

Today is day 5 and the topic is "What They Should Know" for Diabetes Blog Week
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"Today let’s borrow a topic from a #dsma chat held last September.  The tweet asked “What is one thing you would tell someone that doesn’t have diabetes about living with diabetes?”.  Let’s do a little advocating and post what we wish people knew about diabetes.  Have more than one thing you wish people knew?  Go ahead and tell us everything."

I have a feeling that most people aren't going to stick with the "ONE" thing. It's such a sensitive topic when referring to non PWD. I struggle with getting upset at some comments because I was pretty ignorant before I got diagnosed too. However, if someone said these things to me, I would have been a much better person.


1. Without insulin, I would die.
2. My insulin pump delivers insulin all day every day, non stop. It does not magically check my BGs for me. (notwithstanding a CGM)
3. Managing exercise and diabetes is very hard
4. I can eat as much sugar as I damn well please, it just means I'll be draining my pump that much faster. It also means diabetes is harder to manage but it's still manageable. 
5. I am declining that piece of cake not because of the sugar content. I am not eating it because I have Celiac disease.
6. The beeping noise coming from my cleavage is not your imagination 
7. It doesn't help when you give me those "sad" eyes when I tell you I have Type 1 Diabetes.
8. It makes me furious when you say, "It could be worse."
9. There is no such thing as "the bad kind of diabetes" but there ARE two very different types.
10. Yes that is a pump in my pocket but I'm also happy to see you

I'm probably going to repeat a lot of the same things other people are writing. I think we all sort of feel the same way. If you don't know, don't make assumptions. If you are curious, I'm more than happy to educate so don't hesitate to ask.


  1. This is excellent! I'd just add, "There's no such thing as controlling diabetes."

  2. You said everything I would have said if I had the courage to tackle this topic.

  3. I really enjoyed this topic for D blog Week. Liked your list. It always amazes me how little people know, but I was also like that before I was diagnosed too. I knew the basics but I had no idea what people have to go through!

  4. great post.I'm loving reading day 5 of D blog week!

  5. Great list... as I read these posts across the dblogs, one thought keeps coming to mind, and you summarized it perfectly in #7. We tell these things so you know and understand us, and can behave properly in our presence. We're not asking for pity or sympathy.

  6. "manageable" i love that word. "control" sounds ridiculous, because WE all know it cant be controlled, but outsiders have no idea. so we will continue to educate!

  7. i like your list. a lot.

    for some reason, your number 1 is something that's hard for me to say. i REALLY don't like to say that out loud. i guess it just hits me so hard, even after all this time.


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