Thursday, April 12, 2012

Real people sick & diabetes sick

Dear Diabetes... BITE ME!

Two nights ago I could feel myself coming down with a cold.

Yesterday morning I woke up feeling a bit like ass but not enough to keep me in bed. As the day progressed I was getting sicker and sicker. Each hour I was sicker than the one before. Coughing, sniffling, sneezing. The usual.

By the time I got home from work, I was ready to shoot myself. I made some scrambled eggs (because I hadn't really eaten much all day) and parked my ass on my couch. I gave a small bolus because even eggs need a little bit of insulin for me. Pre eggs my BG was sitting at a perfect 5.7mmol/l (102mg/dl).

Before the eggs I had re-filled the reservoir in my insulin pump. Yes, you read that right. I inserted my infusion set 4 days prior and it was all working so well that I just re-filled it and continued on my way. I do that sometimes.

By 8pm I was passed out on the couch so I hauled my ass into bed and set my alarm for 11pm to take my meds and check my BG. 10:30pm and I awake rather suddenly to terrible pain and nausea in my belly. My heart sank knowing what I was feeling. I had cotton ball mouth. BG confirmed 19.0mmol/l. I rage bolus that sucker with 5 units of insulin. Knowing at this point I wasn't getting sleep any time soon. I can't sleep on a nauseous stomach. My cold continued to kick me down to boot. I sat up in bed reading a cycling magazine. I texted a couple friends as I was in need of some serious distractions.

Drinking water little sip by sip yet wanting to swallow a bathtub. Time goes by. It feels like an eternity. I kept tasting my scrambled eggs. I put some tasty sun dried tomato and parmesan seasoning in them. Every time the eggs started sneaking up my throat I thought, "this is enough to make me never ever want to eat eggs again."

10:25pm 19.0mmol/l - 342mg/dl
5u via insulin pump
11:15pm 18.4mmol/l - 331mg/dl
11:37pm 22.4mmol/l - 403mg/dl
This is when I pulled out the syringe and injected 10 units.
12:10am 20.7mmol/l - 373mg/dl
12:42am 19.4mmol/l - 350mg/dl
1:10am 16.6mmol/l - 299mg/dl
1:26am 14.8mmol/l - 266mg/dl
2:19am 13.4mmol/l - 241mg/dl
6:00am 14.2mmol/l - 256mg/dl
Another 3u via insulin pump
8:00am 9.1mmol/l - 164mg/dl
and finally, the pièce de résistance.....
9:30am 6.9mmol/l - 124mg/dl

I finally got some sleep between 3:00am and 6:00am.

I have NO IDEA what happened. I took some insulin for my eggs. But eggs have no carbs to begin with so how in the fuck did my BG get so high? Normally when I am real people sick I am lucky that I don't really have blood sugar issues. Perhaps something about THIS real people cold has knackered my system.  I shall never know. The twice used infusion set was working fine and dandy and all I did was re-fill my reservoir so I doubt that was the case. Plus I do it all the time. Admitted. Also, now, the next day, it's clearly working fine. I make sure when I re-fill that there are ZERO bubbles, so I can't say if that did anything.

It's all in the past though. I cringed in a tight little ball while sitting on the couch for a few hours. So much so that when I finally went to bed my muscles were sore. As soon as I knew I was in it for the long run last night, I knew I wouldn't be making it into work today.

This was a replay of the night before my marathon in October except this time was worse ten fold due to the fact that it wasn't just deadly high BG's kicking my ass, it was a real person sick cold too.

It was also a good reminder that I have no more blood ketone test strips. I asked my pharmacy to order me some many months ago and they still haven't. I wasn't able to test but based on how I felt and those numbers, I'm certain there were ketones floating around and wrecking more havoc.

Today is a day of couching and movie'ing with some more napping. In between fits of coughing, sneezing and general discomfort. It's nights like last night that really drive home how dangerous diabetes can be. Thank jebus for my amazing friends. I'm also indebted to insulin because death by high blood sugars is long and painful. Every time I struggle through something like that I am reminded that I don't want to die. Not that I was close to dying... but it felt like I was dying - just a little bit.


  1. it always amazes me how sometimes i can have a really high BG reading over several hours and feel just fine. then there are times when they just about knock me out. and especially over long hours with a really slow descent. i dont usually do the conversion on the numbers but seeing them in mg/dl's is scary isn't it! do you ever notice a weird smell (like javex) when your sugars are high?
    glad you're feeling better!

  2. I suspect that your real people sickness is what kicked your BG's ass all over the place, not the eggs or the off-label infusion set shenanigans. (Though I admit that I always start to get shitty BGs when I leave a set in for much more than 72 hours.) Why we need extra insulin when we're sick is something I don't understand; I just know I see it myself whenever it happens.

    And 10 units?! Obviously the right decision, but you're a brave girl. I am not.

    I hope you feel all better soon!

  3. Hmmm, you were sick AND completed all of those metric/non-metric conversions? Here's to multitasking... you're a step or two ahead of me...

  4. Well, I'm certainly happy to read that you survived all that. Has to suck!
    Don't jump into "back to life" too quickly.

  5. Sounds like a rough night. I hope today was a little better. Real people sick sucks. And it always reminds me how scary (and dangerous) diabetes can really be.

    I agreed with Jeff. Ten units in the middle of the night?! You're a braver lass than I.


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