Saturday, April 14, 2012

April 12 of 12

I find that I remember days before. On the day of, I seem to forget until half way through the day and by then it's all gone nuts.

I remembered this time in the wee hours of the morning since I was awake

And I was sick

As always, see side bar for previous 12 of 12's.

1. Since it was past midnight, this picture counts. I manned up and injected 10 units by syringe. Turned out later that I had to take another few units. Wow, my blood sugar was REALLY FUCKED! 

2. When I went back to bed and attempted to find some sleep that night.

3. The next morning. I called in sick and nursed my evil head cold while recovering from the previous night's hell of blood sugar madness. This is my favourite coffee mug. I won't drink coffee out of any other mug unless I have company over.

4. It was a beautiful sunny day. I laid on my bench in my backyard soaking up some outside air and sun in hopes of feeling a bit better.

5. I went to a surprise cowboy themed birthday party on Friday. I ripped my sick ass off the couch to go pick up a few things from the party store I had been seriously procrastinating on. I saw these Morphsuits and wanted one SO BAD!!! But at $50, it'll have to wait.

6. After the party store and in dire need of my bed again. Nothing makes me feel better than my favourite Starbucks brew.

7. Back to bed for me. I couldn't breathe. I felt like shit.

8. Reading my cycling magazine in bed.

9. I should probably eat something today. Strawberries ALWAYS make me feel like a kid. Perhaps it has to do with the fact that I used to steal them out of my neighbours garden when I was little. 

10. Thursday night is Girl's night with some of my favourite ladies. I took this while driving (so shoot me). We sit around the kitchen drinking tea and talking about all the things that you'd expect we would talk about. I needed to see my ladies. 

11. A gigantic Kinder toy. 

12. I felt like ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!!!!!!!!!!! this is pre-NyQuil.

The NyQuil did wonders for helping me get to sleep but not for long. I had terrible nightmares induced from sick, fever, high blood sugar and NyQuil. 

Thanks for stopping by.  See you again on May 12th


  1. 10 units - whoa...
    #12 - no sparkle there...
    Really hope the bug leaves you and you start to feel better, very soon.

  2. hoping you feel way, way better very, very soon! ;)

    I totally need to set a reminder on my phone so I can do the 12 of 12s!! I keep kicking myself when I see others' because I've forgotten, yet again!!!

  3. Sick or not, it's always nice to see you.


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