Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A-Z meme

I pulled this one out of the woodwork. I think I started it last summer.

I was recently browsing through my "New Posts" on Blogger when I noticed I have a HUGE amount of un-published posts.  Seems I write (to myself?) and never post them.  I found this A-Z meme but have absolutely NO idea who I thieved it from!  So whoever you are out there, thanks!

Age: 32
Bed size: Double.  It's okay for one person, but I'd love a really big comfy bed.
Chore you dislike: Sweeping, it's pointless.  Nothing ever gets "swept", it just displaces dust and crud
I couldn't help putting up a picture of him!
Dogs: Taiwanese dumb dumb. No I'm kidding, I brought him back from Taiwan with me.  He is a border collie/australian shepherd (we think).  He's about 9 years old now.
Essential start to your day: coffee and reading blogs
Favorite color: Black has always been a staple but recently I have enjoyed purple and even more recently turquoise has found it's way into my life and is now my favourite.

Gold or silver: Definitely silver.  Something about gold makes me feel crusty inside
Height: 5’7″ ish
Instruments you play(ed):  None, never, ever ever.  I am so musically useless.  I can maybe shake and rattle things.
Job title: Architectural Technologist aka: CAD monkey
Kids: I'd like to have 1 at least... before it's too late
Live: Hamilton, Ontario aka: Steeltown aka: The Hammer aka: The armpit of Ontario
Mom’s name: Karen
Nicknames: This could be a long one.  Currently?  Sculls and Scully.  In the past? Scully-doo, Scullybum, Fartypants, Astrowench.  None of them even remotely resembling my first name which I like.
Overnight hospital stays: Last year from an obstruction in my small bowel.  Otherwise, one surgery when I was 18 (pre-D)
Pet peeve:  Those who don't recycle.  Yeah, I'm a tree-hugger.  Oh and RUSH-HOUR TRAFFIC, It makes me want to scratch my eyeballs out.  I drive a manual transmission car though, that could have something to do with it.
Quote from a movie: "It's so fluffy I could die!" If you figure that one out without google, you can be my friend. :)
Righty or Lefty: Righty - BORING
Siblings: Older sister, younger brother.  I'm the middle child, we are all 2.5years apart.
Time you wake up: 5am Monday to Friday, 6am long run Saturdays and Sunday is my only sleep-in day (unless it's a race day!).
Underwear: was there nothing else to substitute for 'U'? seriously!

Bitter Gourd - BARF!
Vegetables you don’t like: There aren't many, in fact I can only think of one yucky one "bitter gourd" that I only ever saw in Taiwan.  I love pretty much all vegetables

What makes you run late:  Accidentally sleeping in is number one.  Maybe I need to stop using my phone as an alarm clock.  Or forgetting to fill-up gas in my car the day before.  There are very few things that make me late, I'm notoriously known for being sickly early all the time
X-Rays you’ve had: Tons.  But recently in the past few years, I broke a toe and fractured my tailbone
Yummy food you make:  I'm good in the kitchen.  Pre gluten-free I was a damn good cake maker, still am and still make 'em, I just don't eat them now.  I make some tasty soups and I also make a lot of great vegetarian dishes.  I can make a good thai coconut curry, vegetarian dumplings and fried rice.
Zoo animal favorite: Elephants have been a childhood favourite of mine but I absolutely ADORE goats too. Though they don't really count as a "zoo" animal do they? Maybe a petting zoo animal.

That is all. I wish our alphabet was longer!


  1. I think a goat is one of those things people buy and then immediately regret after they discover they basically chew on anything valuable. They're like rabbits with long legs. And this from a guy with a rabbit.

  2. I like this!

    Lisa and I saw the cutest damn baby elephant at the Sydney Zoo.

    Did they not keep you overnight in hospital when you were diagnosed? I was there for two nights.

  3. Yay! We can be friends! I love Despicable Me. I wish they would make a movie with just the minions. :)

  4. L.O.V.E me-me's!

    Oh, yeah, and love me some Despicable Me...totally posted about 'Knocked Over' several months ago.

    And, totally love that you are early...can't stand late people! ;)

  5. "bitter gourds" the name says it all. we sell them at the StupidStore. often wonder what to do with them, but never brave enough to find out LOL!


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