Friday, March 9, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Part Deux

I found another post in the woodwork! What is wrong with me? I write these things complete with pictures and links yet I don't post them!  This one is from November. I am not going to edit anything.

Isn't it strange how things can come and go in fads?
This Versatile Blogger Award went around at precisely this time last year. Last November!

So here we go again! The last time I did this I wrote about 7 random facts about me. They are all still pretty accurate too. I am still TERRIFIED of spiders. I don't carry two BG meters anymore because I stopped using my link meter. Yes, I still snort and drool when I get excited. I still absolutely HATE TV and radio because of the forced advertisements. My sense of smell is way too strong and I'm far more of an introvert. Lastly, still loving my vegetarianism of 13 years.  So it looks like I need to come up with 7 MORE random facts about me. Shouldn't be too hard, I'm weird.

Here goes:

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THANKS Lindsay :)

7 random things that you hopefully don't already know,

1. I played softball for 9 years and I was never very good at it. The best part was the last game I ever played. I was about 16 years old, it was the last inning of the championship game and we were on the field with 2 outs already. I was sick and in center field. I caught the fly ball that won us the championship. I still remember to this day looking in my glove and seeing that ball and being totally shocked. That was the only championship I ever made it to. It was then that I decided to quit. Quit on a good note right? It's the only trophy I ever kept.

2. I don't like shoes. Or socks. I live most of my life in slip-ons of some sort and bare feet. Be it slippers or my only pair of shoes that I wear EVERYWHERE, my Birkenstock clogs. When it's super cold I resort to socks for work but they are always the first thing I rip off when I get home. Sometimes I get so irritated by them, I throw perfectly good socks straight in the garbage just to spite the fucking socks. The only times I'm wearing real shoes are my cycling or running shoes. Even in the winter, unless there is snow on the ground I wear my slip-on Birkenstocks. Occasionally if I'm going to be outside in the cold for a long time, I have a pair of shoes with laces.

3. I really love baths and hot tubs. The bathtub I have at my house sucks and I can't get my bath fixes. Luckily I have a close friend with an outdoor hot tub. BEST thing ever! Especially in the snow with sore muscles.

4. I am notorious for throwing things in the garbage (um, #2?). I recently threw out a whole bunch of fabric grocery bags because I had a cupboard over-flowing with them. I have an obsession with empty clean spaces. Clutter makes me agitated and causes me to just... throw it out, even if it's something that isn't garbage. I blame it on my mother. Yep, that's right mum, you know I got this from you!

April 2011. Getting my dreads chopped off
5. I haven't gotten my hair cut or done anything with it since I cut my dreads off in April (2011). My mum and sister gave me a quick straight cut just to make sure it was all even and it has been like that ever since. That was 7 months ago. I hate my hair. I hate trying to figure out what to do with it and I hate getting it cut.
It is now March 2012 and I still haven't cut my hair!!

6. My dog was an abandoned street puppy in Taiwan that I took in and brought back to Canada. I'm not totally sure what breed he is, the vet told me Australian Shepherd/Border Collie but I call him "Taiwanese dumb-dumb". He's SUPER cute but not very smart. I always attribute that to the fact that he was left for dead in a rice paddy as a puppy and wasn't able to fend for himself. He was near death when we found him. I think he suffered brain damage. True story, the being left in the rice paddy for dead, maybe not the brain damage. I use that as an excuse, even if it might not be true. I don't want to believe that my little furball is dumb as shit. I love him anyway though!

7. I worked at Second Cup (Canadian Starbucks competitor) for a year when I lived in Alberta a couple years ago (as my second job). I actually really enjoyed it, except for the post church mayhem rush on Sundays (Lots of bible thumpers out there). I learned a lot and had a ton of fun. I took the job more out of boredom than anything else.

That's all I got! 7 random things wasn't easy to come up with. The longer I write this blog the less random things about me that nobody knows.

I hope you don't mind but I'm not going to tag anyone. I'd LOVE to tag a few people but I don't want to make anybody feel like they are obligated to do this.

Thanks again Lindsay, this kept my mind busy for a little while.


  1. Fun to read and now I'm humming, "Getting to know you..."

  2. i want a puppy from a rice paddy! but only if it's as cute as your little sad faced one!

  3. Ah...we got a hot tub now!!! WE.LOVE.IT. And me too on socks...and I haven't cut my hair since Sept...I am an EXTROVERT though!!! LOVE YOU SCULLY!!!


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