Friday, March 2, 2012

Twist my rubber race arm will ya?

At the beginning of this year I told everybody I wouldn't be doing very many running races. Except for Around The Bay. My reason for this was not due to lack of wanting to, it was due primarily to my financial situation. I just can't afford to sign up for races in and around $70+ a pop.

As the months have gone by, I started feeling sad because of the races that were coming and going that I wanted to run. Then something weird happened. I signed up for a bunch of races. It didn't happen quickly or really by choice. It was my friends! You don't have to twist my rubber arm to run a race. This is even MORE so if there are friends involved.

Then I noticed something. Signing up for races makes me happy. It gives me motivation but more than that it just makes me feel better. And during these boring, dark, dreary months I have a weakness for future races. I daydream about them. I think about the warm weather they usually instill in my psyche. I think about the inherent challenges they force me to take on. Especially coupled with my bike racing and training schedule. It's like I just can't help but overload myself with physically challenging things. I know a lot of the reason I take these things on is because of the challenges they pose.

So low and behold my credit card got a working despite me saying I'm not signing up for any races.

March 25th - Around The Bay 30km
April 28th - Illinois Half Marathon
May 27th - Ottawa Half Marathon
August 15th - Tough Mudder 10-mile
September 23rd - Run for the Grapes Half Marathon

October - Niagara Falls Marathon (again) OR Toronto Scotiabank Marathon

The four races in the middle were influenced by some amazing friends. The Marathon didn't take a lot of thought involved. I want to run another marathon in a major way. I feel I didn't get a good shot the first time around and in order to fulfill my own ego, I need to run another. I also need something major to work towards again. The race season for cycling seems to take a detour or something during the summer.

These are only running races. I have 3 Team Type 1 races coming up as well as the Minneapolis Tour de Cure and countless other local bike races I'll be doing.

P.S. the Canadian Diabetes Association needs to adopt this Tour de Cure thing.

I'm still trying to figure out how all of this came to happen. I just say yes to everything because I love it. I love the challenge and the goals. I don't love how stuffed my credit card is. Actually, I do know how all of this happened. Someone comes up to me and says, "Hey you should run this race." I'm like, "OK". end of story. Done deal. Friend says, "I'm running it, you should too." Yep, there goes my rubber arm. All you have to do is SUGGEST it. I'm like a little lost puppy. I'm SO easy to manipulate that it makes me sick! For the record, I truly chock it up to never really having friends who run to all of a sudden having friends who run. That's my theory.

I also am not totally sure how I'm going to squeeze all the bike and running training in since I'm already having a problem right now. I am determined though, this is going to be a good year of racing for me and I'm really super excited about it. I want to live in my running shoes and on my bike. If only I could get paid to exercise, then those race registration fees wouldn't be so heavy!


  1. I may join you again at The Grapes. This year I may actually be running it!

  2. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on the IL Half Marathon. That is the one in Champaign, IL, right? If so, you will be near the campus of my much beloved alma mater, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign!

  3. You're doing the Twin Cities Tour de Cure? Me, too!!!!!


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