Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Midnight Hypo Party

Last night I was relaying a story of a midnight low blood sugar episode to a friend of mine who doesn't have diabetes. She was apologizing for laughing but the reality of the situation is that it was definitely funny. So I decided to share it here.

Because I need to laugh. BAD

The other night I thought I'd be smart by doing a combo bolus/temp basal for a dinner of chocolate. Yes, we can do that! Should I eat chocolate for dinner? No. 

I've been having troubles with high blood sugars beginning around midnight to 2am so I increased my basal rate by more than I should have and hadn't had a chance to test it out yet. So I carried on with my special chocolate bolus. What I didn't do (retrospect is a bitch) was decrease the chocolate bolus up front since I was putting a temp basal on.

So I went low.

I set an alarm at 12:30am (it was an early to bed night for me). I fumbled with my meter as I noticed I was really confused. 2.6mmol/l (46mg/dl). I normally wake up naturally to anything below a 3.0mmol/l so it was a bit disturbing to me wondering how much lower it would have to go to wake me up. I was glad I set an alarm.

I stumbled into the kitchen where my "low cupboard" is. I reached in and grabbed 3 packages of rockets. I know this is about 20g of carbs. I then wandered back to bed and laid on my back as I sucked back a package of rockets. By the way, rockets are kind of a choking hazard to a hypo diabetic laying in bed. Just saying. The symptoms started setting in. At some point I went back out to the kitchen and opened up a bag of potato chips, took a handful and went back to bed. There I laid shoving potato chips and rockets in my mouth at the same time. Chip crumbs falling in my bed. I was feeling pretty out of it and barely had the energy to shovel this shit into my mouth. I thought about the crumbs. I didn't seem to care. Next thing I know it seems like a brilliant idea to add peanut butter to the mix. PB works great as a hypo chaser. Maybe not as a rocket and potato chip chaser though. I scooped out a couple tablespoons worth of PB onto a spoon and then proceeded to coat that spoon in Nutella. I then went back to bed licking away at my PB and Nutella lollipop amongst my rocket wrappers and chip crumbs. 

I started coming to at this point. I guessed 2 units of insulin to take care of my midnight hypo party and went back to bed. When I woke up and looked around I was confused as it all started coming back to me. The spoon with smears of PB on it, the wrappers, the crumbs. Oh, riiiiiight. That happened.

I laugh at myself now at 6am. The rockets would have been perfectly suffice to treat the low.

I want to add that I am normally a strict hypo-treater. Especially at night. I never go and raid the kitchen because if I do, I end up feeling sick. So I'm really good at just juice or just Dex tabs. I vaguely remember opening the cupboard that had a half empty bottle of Dex but the bottle wasn't there and I was out of juice boxes. In my state of confusion.... I lost control!

As I was re-telling this story, I had trouble containing my laughter. I won't be doing that again. I won't be doing the party thing, the chocolate for dinner.. different story. Totally okay in my mind.


  1. We have to laugh. It's more fun than crying.
    Glad you're okay:)!

  2. I've done this soooo many times too, I also try to prevent midnight hypo parties by keeping juice by the bed, but there have been nights where I've been out of juice and end up raiding the kitchen (one time I drank 2 tablespoons of maple syrup....I don't even like maple syrup....:S)

    Oh the joys of diabetes (*insert sarcasm*)

  3. Oh man, I am killing myself laughing... but only because I have been there. Thankfully not too many times, but there are those times when your BG just goes too low and all rhyme or reason with what goes into your mouth flies out the window. Thanks for sharing this story. Not only did it give me a laugh, but it's also nice to know I'm not the only one.

  4. I completely understand. Sometimes rational thinking is just too hard when I'm low. I'm glad you're laughing, because I am too :)


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