Friday, March 23, 2012

Life by the Numbers

I know it's a little late and after the fact but that doesn't not mean this is not worth sharing.

Diana Wyenn
Diana sent me an email a couple weeks ago asking if I would share her online campaign, "Life by the Numbers". I will admit that given the amount of spam I get, I kind of ignored the email at first. THEN, when I had some time to spare I went back and had a gander.

I kicked myself for a brief moment for not catching onto her story sooner.

Diana is a performer and director living in LA and was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes 8 years ago.

In Her Words:
"Since the majority of literature and online resources out there are geared toward the 1 in 12 Americans living with diabetes, my project project targets the other 11 Americans who are not diabetic and may or may not know someone living with the disease."

"Recently, when I realized my "8 year anniversary" was nearing, I decided that this year I would stop concealing my condition and celebrate this milestone by doing something crazy, honest, and terrifying. Having been diagnosed on March 23, 2004 with Type 1 Diabetes, I am using the month before my 8th year anniversary to post all of my blood glucose readings via twitter and share a new video blog each day discussing some aspect of living with diabetes."

"My hope is to give a far more personal face to diabetes and let people in on the ups and downs we experience daily to maintain near normal blood sugar. So far I've used my own personal network of friends to spread the word and a great number of my friends have already shared this campaign via Facebook and Twitter with their friends. It's incredible to watch as the videos views increase and the interconnected network grows."

Her Introduction:

Needless to say she has great inspiration. I have watched all of her videos and they are worth watching again. She is honest, real and genuine. Some of her videos are heart wrenching and real, while others are kind of funny. She opens herself up for the world to see. Her recent video about exercise needs to be seen.

This video caught my attention the most. It's just so raw. I think she explains more in this video than all the rest the answer to the question, "why are you doing this?"

So, although her month of vlogging is coming to an end TODAY, the videos will still be there. I HIGHLY recommend going and watching a few. I listened to them all while working the other day and was completely fascinated.

Her Links:
Diana's Website
Diana's Twitter (@dwyenn)

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