Tuesday, March 27, 2012


This past weekend was one of the best I've had in a very long time. There are some phenomenally amazing people out there in the great big world of diabetes. Never discount how us diabetics can connect.

It was the weekend of Hamilton's Around the Bay 30km road race. In a round about way this race is what brought Celine and I to meet. This year we had a third party join and that would be Jeff. This guy from Boston made his way out here just to run the race that is "older than Boston". Take that shirt home to your friends man.

I must comment on the LOVELY colours of this years shirts. Black and purple for the ladies!
So let's start at the beginning. Celine, Jeff and I connected online through our blogs. I'm not sure where it started but somehow Celine and I through manipulative ways of our own convinced Jeff to come out here and run this particular 30km race. Eventually he agreed and started training for it. I mean, how can you say "no" to the two of US?!

Friday finally arrives and we begin patiently waiting. We were wondering when we'd hear from the "American Eagle". We started getting worried we hadn't heard from him as the curling was about to start. Then he quietly snuck in just as Celine was off to throw some rocks down the ice. Jeff was then left with me. (poor guy) I have zero knowledge about the game of curling so neither of us had any idea what was going on. Thanks Erin for clarifying most of it and that backwards scoring thing. I was feeling like a real idiot. When Doug suggested Jeff try throwing some rocks I knew it would be an entertaining laugh.

Saturday we picked up our race kits and got to show Jeff the inside of the stadium where the finish line was already set up. Pretty cool. We continued on with our day but not without royally pissing off the chicks in the orange shirts trying to "contain" us behind the "curtain". Those ass hats forced you to walk the 360 degrees back around through the insanity of all the vendors and I wasn't having it. I rebelled and just kept on walking by before I looked back and realized I was the lost sheep and my friends had been suckered back. I giggled. I felt like a bad ass. I don't really do well with authority figures trying to be hot shit.

Driving down the Niagara Parkway talking about something other than chocolate. I just wanted to eat my chocolate.

The rest of the rainy day Celine took us on a tour of Niagara. The chocolate shop was the highlight. None of us even noticed the "sugar free" section till the end. Who eats that stuff any way? it's absolutely disgusting and you can't fool a diabetic, we all know. I bought way too much chocolate, naturally. I zoned out in the back seat as they talked about history and war and ..... well, some other stuff about Laura Secord. I still only thought about chocolate and how to prevent myself from eating more. If it weren't for those noisy wrappers, I would have.

Eventually Jeff and I made it back to my place where we had an easy dinner of pasta (rice pasta for me). A last ditch effort to fuel up and get ready for the big race the next day. We continued to chat constantly and well into the evening. I had to put myself to bed so that I could relax and get some sleep. There was just SO much to talk about!

I'll leave it here for now because I need a whole new post for the race.


  1. Between Jeff's t-shirt (doesn't he have the BEST shirts?) and curling, this post is full of awesome!

  2. Thanks thanks thanks thanks! I enjoyed myself so very, very much!! You and Céline definitely didn't have to work too hard to convince me to come to your little country, and I'm so glad that I did.

    It's going to be difficult to wait until early June to share in the awesomeness (in person) again.

  3. Mmmmm, Laura Secord! We once went curling in gym when I was in high school. Apart from pulling my groin when I went to throw the rock, it was so much fun!

  4. Sounds like you guys had a great weekend :-)

  5. Yeah, why in the world would you eat nasty "sugar free" chocolate anyways? I listen to a saturday morning fitness radio show and the host I think puts it best when he says if you want something don't eat some crap that is like it. Get the good stuff and just be reasonable with your portions. He also says the real stuff usually gets you to eat less anyways because it usually is richer and satisfies your craving faster. I like his way of thinking. Forget these 100 calorie cookie things give me a damned real chips ahoy cookie and let me be happy.


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