Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Around The Bay 2012

Continuing from yesterday's post:

This year's race was a whole lotta awesome! For the fun of it, here is my post on last year's race.

Unfortunately because Celine was still coming back from that no good awful injury, she was unable to run it this year. A shame really, because the company would have been nice! Though by the sounds of it I wouldn't have been able to keep up with her either!

To begin with we had the most incredible weather! The Bay race is always the last weekend in March because it's right before they open the Bay to shipping vessels, ergo the lift bridge that we run over isn't operational. It is also typically a really nasty weekend for weather. Last year starting the race it was like -19C (-2F) with the wind chill or something ridiculous like that. This year we started in 10C (50F) with a high for the day reaching 19C (66F)!! Needless to say they were ALMOST the most ideal running conditions. The air got heavy near the end but it was sunny and gorgeous. I even noticed a slight sunburn on my arms and face.

So, to begin with, I was feeling unprepared for this race. I felt under trained to say the least. I also felt under-whelmed if that's even possible. I was seriously apathetic. Not in that I didn't give a damn about the race, it was that I wasn't nervous or worried at all. I didn't feel bothered that I was about to run 30km. I was just all calm and cool about it. I mean last year I was in a tizzy the moment I registered 4 months before. This year I had this idea that whatever happens, happens. I had no intentions on trying to set some sort of PR. I didn't have anything to prove and more then anything I just wanted to have fun. As for Jeff though, this marked the longest distance he has ever run.

A quick pre-race BG check had me at 12.4mmol/l (223mg/dl) which I was totally okay with given that I still had a bit of breakfast bolus left plus my 50% temp basal had been running. Jeff and I gave each other a final fist bump before the gun went off. I tracked his orange shirt until it was out of sight before settling in, breathing calmly and concentrating on not falling in a pothole. I realize that I often dress too warm. I'm skeptical of the weather and I'm notorious for getting cold on runs. This time though, my "extras" had to go and like fast. I passed my cousin Shannon first at the 4km mark where her house is right beside the route. I made a quick stop to say hi and thanked her for watching me run by. I dropped my arm warmers and gloves while shoving my leg warmers down to my ankles somewhat resembling Jane Fonda. Next stop was my friend Steve who I spotted and waved at as I ran by giving him the thumbs up as he yelled "GO GOATS!". It was at this point 7km where I finally fell into a groove. Next up was Celine and Erin waiting at about the 9km mark right where they said they'd be. At this point those leg warmers had to go so I took off my shoes and in one quick swoop I was off again.

Steve snagged this awkward shot of me with my Jane Fonda leg warmers all squished up on my ankles
After leaving my bits and pieces along the route with family and friends I settled in at this point as I knew the next friend would be at 21km. A blood test at 12km left me with a 4.8mmol/l (86mg/dl) so I downed a GU. We rolled on down to the beach strip. There were a lot of colourful characters all along that section. It's Hamilton after all. Some I recognized from the year before. Lots of music and noise makers and great folks. Another BG check at 19km I was 5.5mmol/l (100mg/dl) and although I LOVE seeing the 5.5, I had another GU.

Now, if you read my blog you know I deal with crapping when I run. I won't go into too much detail but the next 10km were kind of rough. There was nowhere to "go". Nowhere to run and hide. The water stations were 5km apart and the line ups at the port-a-potties were long. My guts were attacking me in waves and literally stopping me dead in my tracks. I had to keep stopping and walking even though I felt fine to run. I'd wait for it to pass and keep going. I passed two water stations with  no port-a-potties and I began panicking. I continued the run/stop/walk thing for a bit all the while cursing to the heavens. I just wanted to RUN DAMMIT! I felt so great otherwise. Finally at the top of the hill at LaSalle park I met with Jason and found myself an empty port-a-potty. This orange plastic toilet is where I spent a good 8-10 minutes of time that I could have been running. Sigh. I just can't win.

Jason snapped this one. I believe the words, "I need a toilet" were probably coming out of my mouth. I would also like to add that I worked hard to put that odd mis-matched outfit together! Should have seen it with the black leg warmers and blue arm warmers. 
Jason ran with me for a couple kms keeping me company and shooting the shit which was really nice for a change. Another BG check had me nicely at 8.1mmol/l (145mg/dl) so I did nothing. In retrospect I should have had my last gel. I was going over the next part of the route in my head, I LOVED knowing exactly what I was up against. Training on these roads every Saturday for a month was excellent training both physically and mentally for knowing what to expect. I was able to run up every hill with little difficulty.

I ran into some of the Runners Edge crew that were conveniently waiting at the bottom of death hill. I got asked, "How do you feel?" my response was "I'm SORE!" which they then replied with, "GOOD, you're supposed to be sore otherwise you're not running hard enough!". It left me with a big smile as I pretty much crawled up death hill. I think I was walking faster than I could have run it.

Then comes the awful seemingly endless 4 flat'ish kms. These were WAY more difficult then they should have been for 3 reasons. My blood sugar, my annoying bowels and my hydration. I had some more attacks from down below which forced me to keep walking - again. It was getting harder and harder to just hold myself together. I was also on the verge of hyponatremia. I have been there before at the 30km race I ran last summer (I wrote about the condition HERE). I learned a LOT from that race. I learned that I am very susceptible to this condition primarily because I simply don't take in very much sodium in my daily diet. It's is an awful feeling. I could hear the water sloshing around in my stomach but I still felt like I could have drank a lake. I was beginning to feel nauseous and it took all my will power to NOT drink my water since it only makes it worse. I just kept reminding myself what happened last time. THEN my blood sugar started to tank. 2km from the finish line. I could see white spots. I felt extra laboured, lightheaded and tired. I had one GU left and I knew it wouldn't make a difference fast enough. I managed to cross the finish line, stumble to the side and test my BG. 4.0mmol/l (72mg/dl) Not dangerous but I felt way worse. I saw my brother and father. Made it through the food line and drank a juice box before getting back upstairs. I was mostly fine by then but it was really scary. I felt a lot of fear. Fear of falling over before getting to the finish line. Next time? as per Jeff's suggestion, maybe have a few glucose tablets on me.

I was happy it was over. It was a beautiful day and a great run. I wished my bowels didn't have to mess with my groove but I couldn't exactly stop it. I did what I set out to do. I finished it and I enjoyed it. I knew what to expect around every corner. There wasn't much I could do about my bowels and that part really frustrated me.

Jeff finished in a beautiful 2:57:something. I was quite proud of the bugger (albeit a bit jealous too). He wrote about his race HERE.

After the race. I was honoured that Celine and Doug waited for my slow ass to finish so we could get this picture. Like 3 peas in a pod. D-bloggers unite!

As if I couldn't type more... I still have more to say. Stay tuned.


  1. This is so cool! Congratulations on a remarkable achievement. Issues during the race notwithstanding, it's the culmination of a lot of hard work and you should celebrate!

  2. I pee when I run if I've not fully emptied the old bladder before the start. Thanks, kids. Congrats on finishing the run! 30k is no joke. Yes, celebrate!!!

  3. Congrats! That's so cool! Good for you! If you can do that - you can take over the world. LOL no not really. But close. Good for you. Excited to reconnect. I'm back to blogging... was under Life of a Mom with Type 1 Diabetes in 2010 and now under new blog since well yesterday really: inn-sue-lynn. Anyways, nice to see you again. CONGRATS!

  4. Go Scully! You did it! Woohoo!

    And isn't Jeff awesome? :)

  5. Sounds like a nice day for a run, and you look amazing afterwards. How do you do it? :)

    Have you considered taking salt tablets with you on those long races? Just a thought...

    I am jealous of your D meetup. Hopefully someday soon we will meet!


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