Thursday, February 23, 2012


Riding high blood sugars makes me angry grrrrrrrrr.......

Here we are, like day one too many of constant high blood sugars. This shit happens, it does. Sometimes it happens for an hour or half a day. Sometimes it happens for many many days in a row.

Here is a post with probably TMI, probably not for the guys and definitely full of ranty bits.

Stress effects blood sugars. DUH! Sometimes my stress sends them low but more often then not it sends them high. Do you know what else stress effects? It effects my hormones. I'm a girl on "the pill", you know the one. One of the benefits of this mastermind of an invention is to regulate our cycles and make our periods totally and completely predictable. I think my whole neighbourhood heard me scream "What the fuck?!" from my bathroom on Saturday morning. When my monthly monster (shark week) attacked when it wasn't expected to arrive for another week, I get worried. It means there is something seriously wrong with my hormones. Two things make this happen (in my experience). Too much heavy exercise or stress. This time it's due to stress because I haven't hardly been able to exercise (another issue all together, read: stress!).

SO...... shark week comes not only a week early, but for 2 straight weeks. Why? because I'm on the pill right? So my expected date of attack is still in the books and scheduled to arrive on time no doubt.

NEEDLESS to say, this has thrown my hormones for a mighty fucking loopty loop. And now folks, what do hormones effect? F'n blood sugars.

High blood sugars from too much stress. High blood sugars from hormones as a result of an unplanned cycle which leads to the hormones of the planned cycle which leads to way-too-many-factors-to-even-consider-so-shoot-me-now.

High blood sugars. ALL.THE.TIME. I get up in the middle of the night to try and correct. I've got temp basals running anywhere between 140% - 180%. High blood sugars make me hungry. High blood sugars mean very limited carbs. This is okay for a day but for 8+ days? I need my carbs man!

High blood sugars mean... in the worst case... no exercise. It's too risky. Today, I'm running a temp basal of 180%. I sent Katie a text to see what SHE would do in this situation. I knew the answer I just needed someone to justify the danger of the situation if I went and exercised with high BGs and a 180% TBR. Thanks for the reassurance of a possibly stupid decision Katie. I'm fed up with days of little to no reaction so I pulled out the big TBR guns. I had to get aggressive since nothing else seemed to be working. Don't even suggest new vial or new site or blah blah blah... been there, done that, didn't help.

So let's summarize this. Stress and hormones mess up blood sugars. The menstrual cycle, messes with blood sugars. High blood sugars makes me moody and irritable. On top of already dealing with high stress levels that have caused a double shark week. Add to that limited carbs, too much work and no exercise?

An equation without a solution. A baaaad mix for a girl who relies on exercise as a stress reliever.

There is no answer right now. Try and lower the stress? I'm trying but the vicious high blood sugar circle is in full effect. All I can do is just keep pumping that insulin in and constantly monitoring. Mostly, it's just about patience because this can't possibly last forever...

...can it?


  1. Sorry to hear about the shark-infested seas...

    FWIW, I've been known to exercise with BGs in the high-200s and low-to-mid-300s. It doesn't happen often, and it's usually when I know that it's food and not insulin which is the culprit. I give myself about a half a unit and then I go for a short ride/run. But it is kinda scary, and I pay a lot of attention to how I'm feeling.

    When I was sick over the last couple weeks and barely exercised, I found my BGs staying wicked high the whole time. The first time I exercised afterward? Right back to normal... for about 24 hours and then high again until the next time I worked out. :-/

    Not that you need me to tell you, but... Drink lots of water, try giving some insulin by injection, and consider changing your pump site.

  2. No - it can't last forever. I hope!
    It sucks.

  3. The pill (I've tried about 8 different types, including the patch) made me a CRAZY WOMAN! Mood swings, crying at the drop of a hat, unpredictable arrivals from Aunt Flo, I got fat(er), had ridiculous BG's (high/low)... pretty much anything but normal, and pretty much turned into Medusa.
    My advice? Get off the dang pill! If you're using it soley to predict and control Aunt Flo's visits and it's not doing its job, F#$K it!
    I realize that what may work for me, may not for you. But the only good thing the pill did for me was gave me a clearer now I have a few more zits, but I'm happy dammit!

  4. Annonymously Evelyn since I have no profile :)

    a reply with TMI for sure!! I tried every dang pill too, Alesse led to weird constant spotting ALL the time... then i tried one where every week the dose increases... day one of week two I fainted on the Go train.... BP 80/40, went to the doc, he said stay home tomorrow and take it again to see what happens... same thing, couldn't get off the couch all day. bull shit man. I had TERRIBLE shark weeks as well, blood sugars uppppp, blood sugars down, tons of pain... every time I took the Naprosyn for the pain it made me barf... it was like AHH what the heck will i do!!!! So I ended up getting Mirena, a progesterone IUD... that's a whole other story in itself, but msg me if you want the details... anyway, now it's happily in place for 5 years... no pills, no weight gain, no insulin adjustments. The progesterone is so low compared to whats in Depo Provera for example, so I have no side effects. and now.. NO periods, ZERO, maybe once every three months for one day. it's sheer bliss. constant, steady little bit of hormones... makes me ever so happy (cut my crying down at LEAST by 75%) and no blood sugar problems!!! TMI, prolly for 835 on a random Thursday, but we d-gals gotta stick together! cause Lord knows half the endos don't help us! Am I right?

  5. Good lord! Sounds like a roller coaster ride. Easier said than done I know but perhaps you should try to reduce that stress level of yours. Sound like it's bordering on dangerous.

    I do love the expression 'shark week'. Never heard it used for that before :)

  6. I am in about the same situation as you. Another wtf?! month. I thought this was the reason I take the pill in the first place.... so I know when to expect the madness. I haven't been quite as plagued by high bgs though. Thank goodness, but I would do everything you're doing.

    Lol, shark week. My best friend and I refer to it as turning into a werewolf.......

  7. Pure, pure SUCKAGE Scully! Hang in there. You are right...NO, it cannot last forever. I would be so pissed about 2 weeks of Shark Week. UGH.

  8. Sorry to hear to hear about Shark week (love that phrase by the way and will be nicking it!). One of my school teachers told us his wife called it 'Harold's come to visit' xD

    Hope the sugars are behaving now!


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