Friday, February 3, 2012

Slipstream 2012 Part 3, the pictures.

A handful of pictures from the weekend.

Thanks Amy for taking this picture of me!

As most of you know I am rarely found without my DSLR. I sneak around taking photos instead of participating, it's just the way I roll. This weekend, I did not bring my DSLR. This weekend I took a few days off from my photographing nature so I would enjoy myself and not stick my head behind my camera where it normally is.

Needless to say, I won't be doing that again. I love my camera, I love taking pictures. Coming home with good quality pictures to reminisce with is worth it! All of these pictures were taken with my iphone so the quality is less than desired.  Never-the-less, enjoy!

This is some one's log. It's intense. The notebook is so old and thick. All the pages are worn and ratty at the edges. But, this guy impressed me with his logging prowess. 

Team 1 won the structure building challenge thanks to a very tall and very eager Saci!

I totally stole this picture, I'm not even sure who took it!

Nothing is complete without a bounce on the Inuit blanket. Trusting your friends to safely launch you. We are there for each other.

The table I found myself at during lunch one day. The table of endurance athletes. I was in awe and blown away. 

Go ANDY Go! Loving the luging.

High ropes. A lesson in trusting in yourself. Trusting in yourself and  your buddies. Amazing. 

There is a special person in this picture. Jimmy! a newly diagnosed type 1 who I met only a couple of months ago and urged to join the slipstream crew. When I saw his face that Friday night I broke out into the biggest smile. Every time I noticed his presence all weekend I was one very happy diabetic. I was happy he was here and having a good time. I was also happy he showed up on Saturday night with his flanel onesie and beer holster.

Onesies, they're making a comeback folks!

Mandy kicking ass at trying to knock the syringe down with marbles. Also wearing her pump proudly.

Chasing the sun on a serene lake.

I put this picture up mostly out of amazement. 

This picture is also stolen. It's from Kayla. We had a mini snowshoe race. And by mini, it was like maybe 50 metres.  It was a close race between myself and the other dude who's name I can't remember. He won by a half a foot. So close. I love this picture, I love the big smile on my face!

The CIM Buff crew!

We totally have reasons to celebrate yo!

Did we ever get a final count?

Long lonely drive home. Time for me to reflect, relax and live out the extended feeling of being in the slipstream. Until the next event.....


  1. OMG best pictures ever! My favorite is the first one and the one where you're racing, it looked like you were having some exhilarating fun there!!! So glad you had this experience, it looks amazing.

  2. My goodness that looked like so much fun! Oh how things change, hey, not so long ago, I wanted nothing to do with fellow Type 1s, stereotyping them all as know-it-alls (except for me of course!) and now, I am so totally envious of these experiences you're having, but at the same time, so totally happy for you! Love the snowshoe race photo and the first one. Super cute!


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