Monday, January 9, 2012

Sweating with sugar

Diabetes, you bitch, you make no sense!

Yet, sometimes things can actually work out. Usually by mistake.

Friday night:
I went for a run after work. Since switching jobs I've had to pretty much re-teach my body to exercise in the evening again. I OH SO LOVED it in the morning. I ran my usual 11km route. It was odd and eerie because it was 6pm at night and of course because it's winter it's dark. I am used to that route at 6am when it is also... dark. My memory kept thinking it was morning but my body knew it was evening. It was like a twilight zone run. Very strange. 'Betes wise though, I set a -70% temp basal 1.5hours ahead of time. Midpoint in the run I was down to 3.6mmol/l (65mg/dl) so I had 2 little packages of honey. Near the end of the run I tested again and I was still at 3.6 which leads me to believe I ran practically the whole thing slightly low. I remembered why I loved the morning so much, because I don't have to do ANYTHING with my basal rates. Friday night, even though I finished the run low, I still bolused 1.5units of insulin AND set a +60% temp basal for 3 hours.

Saturday morning:
It's been awhile since I've gone to the Saturday morning spin class. I woke up at what I thought I remembered waking up to get there. I was waiting for the woman to put out the sign in sheet and when she wasn't I asked where it was and I was informed that I was an hour early. Oops. What's a person to do at the gym an hour early for spin class? work out some more I guess! But there was a problem. I didn't set a temp basal because it was early enough in the morning that I wouldn't need one. Except now, it's an hour later PLUS I will be putting an extra hour in before class. Luckily I ate a banana before I left the house and my BG was quite high. I spent some time on weights (which I absolutely hate doing) and quickly moved on and hopped on the elliptical for 45mins. By the time spin class started my BG had gone down quite a bit. I could have disconnected my pump all together but that never ends pretty with me. By the first interval break I chomped down a packet of rockets. Second interval, the other packet of rockets. When I got home I was low yet still set my +60% TBR. I'm glad I didn't go low during class but I had to keep a close eye on it. The rockets held me at bay nicely. Despite my utter dislike for consuming candy calories while working out. So frustrating.

Sunday afternoon:
Outside ride and I was looking forward to it! I did my usual. -70% TBR 1.5hours ahead. It was 4pm when I started and I was only planning to go out for an hour or so. I was on a very flat route so I practiced some high effort, high rpm consistent riding. I went out as far as I could in 30 minutes. The sun was setting fast and there were a couple parts of me that were just bitterly cold. I stopped to check my BG before heading straight back while trying to beat my time. 3.4mmol/l (61mg/dl). Are you kidding me?! I said "Fuck, no way" as I proceeded to swallow back a packet of fruit chews. Back on the bike to go back. Guess how I finished...? Low again. Yup. AND again, set my +60%TBR for 3 hours.

I would like to add that I really seriously froze my bum and thighs off. I'm not loving the bitter cold rides, especially alone.

So one would think after hundreds of workouts I'd have most of this figured out right? Not even fucking close. Every day is still a giant trial and error learning process. I feel like I need to put new blood sugar management plans into action for exercise. The hardest part is the time of day. Early morning (before 8am) I have one set of plans. Then plans for mid morning, different plans for afternoon, late afternoon and evening. As well as different management for running versus cycling.

I wish I came with an instruction manual.


  1. If you get it figured out, let the rest of know! You're so focused.

  2. focused is right!! just thinking about trying to figure all that out makes me feel like i just worked out!

  3. My body reacts differently for running vs. cycling, too. It is actually quite amazing. Typically cycling for a long period of time makes me go low.


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