Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Riding in the cold again


Winter bike riding? Not really fun.

I went out with a friend of mine for a ride the other day. I was pretty desperate to get a ride in since the holidays were a bit too lazy for my liking. We set off on a familiar route that would have been about 40km, it's essentially a giant rectangle. The first leg was great! I think we were pulling great speed and I felt really awesome. I was bundled up good and the only part of me that was cold was my face and toes.

Then we turned the corner and felt the wind that was just at our backs now pushing us sideways. I turned to my friend and said something about how the next turn we'll be riding into that wind. My body heat was slowly fading and my poor toes were going numb even with booties on and wool cycling socks. I don't know man, how to keep my feets from freezing. I don't know how cold it was but it was below freezing.

Up to this point we were enjoying the ride and chatting as we rode. Then we turned the next corner. We found the wind and the skies got really dark and dismal. I drafted behind him for a bit and then he drafted behind me for a bit. We climbed a small hill that felt like a fucking mountain with the headwind. I had to stop at the top because my heart was going to explode. Seriously, my HR was up to 193bpm. I wonder what happens when it gets beyond the max?

It was at this point I turned to my friend and said, "Do you want to take the next street and try to shave some distance off this ride?" He was huffing, puffing and nodding. We were barely moving at half the speed we were at the beginning of the ride. That wind was nuts.

I just can't ride the same kind of duration I would in the summer. The freezing cold kicks the shit out of me. It wasn't a huge short cut but it's what we had to work with. At this point it started lightly snowing. We got back to our meeting spot and it was now a full on blizzard. I had 6km left to get back to my house.

Riding in a blizzard? not fun. AT ALL. My face was fucking frozen and I couldn't see out of my glasses because they were caked in ice and snow. I couldn't see where I was going so I just kept close to the curb as best as I could. Hell, it was ONLY 6km!

I got home and sure enough the blizzard stops. It only figures.

Then I gave my bike a shower. Because how else do you clean your bike in the winter? It was caked in road salt. And it took me hours to warm up again.

I don't like this winter riding thing but even though its a freezing pain in the ass, it's still better than riding the trainer in my living room.


  1. I'm glad you got a ride in. Too bad about the wind/blizzard. You're building character. :^)

  2. I remember my days of winter riding when I lived in Calgary, I did not enjoy it much. Good for you for getting out though!

  3. It's a fine line between dedicated and crazy my friend.

  4. I don't know why, but this made me smile. Sounds awesome to me! Takes me back to training for ATB last year. Mother Nature sure had fun with us on our long runs!

  5. oh scully, how i envy your determination. i cant get my lazy ass on the treadmill in my cozy basement and here you are daring blizzards! i feel ashamed, but somehow determined to do better! treadmill here i come!!!

  6. Did I mention that it was 10C and sunny here on the 1st? Although I had to use long-finger gloves, I was able to wear SHORTS... in January!


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