Monday, January 23, 2012

Insulin party that I wasn't invited to that ended with a beautiful run

Saturday morning. We got a couple centimetres of snow overnight. It was -16C (3F) with the wind chill. I had slept for only 5 hours as I am often only getting on a daily basis.

I woke up with some sickeningly high blood sugars. I was very confused. Everything was fine the day before and there was absolutely no reason for this high blood sugar.  I chalked it up to diabetes moodiness. One of those, "I can't explain this right now." type of situation. Correct, coffee, move on and hope for the best.  I was heading out to meet someone I had a blind date with earlier in the week.

Yeah, I laugh at it too. She's a girl and she's into running and cycling and stair climbing. In this city, stair climbing is like a sport of it's own! We were set up by my brother. No kidding.

We were meeting Saturday morning for a 19km run.

As I was getting dressed into my layers of cold weather running clothes I noticed my infusion set was having a party that I wasn't invited to. The party was happening on the outside of my body and I was like, "Dude, the insulin party happens INSIDE!".

Sigh. There are downfalls to every infusion set and this is not the first time I've had this happen with the Medtronic Silhouettes. I suspect this party had been going on since the night before. It's location was around the waistband of my pants (for a change). There's no telling how it got out, except that it was out - for a long time and I wasn't aware.

Last minute diabetes plans here. No temp basal rate. I had to eat something so I grabbed a 30g carb protein bar with full bolus to account for my body being dry of insulin for hours and the high. Hope and pray for the best.

We ran a long slow uphill for 9.5km along a fresh snowed trail. I had flashbacks to my summer vacation running on the beach every morning. Neither of us have used or have any interest in using Yak Tracks so don't even try to convince me. As my friend said, "I just run and hope I don't bail." Yeah, me too. My heart rate was skipping along the, "Any faster and I'm going to explode" line. I won't lie, I haven't been doing very much running in the past couple months. I have been dedicating most of my time to the bike. I feel they compliment each other at least.

A test on my meter confirmed that my BG was going in the right direction. At the half way point my meter threw a temper tantrum and would not function in the cold despite me putting a hand warmer with it. I ate a few blocks (frozen blocks takes a strong jaw!) and ran blind the rest of the time. Within a km of the end I could feel my BG dropping. I finished with a tolerable 3.8mmol/l (68mg/dl).

Best part? I didn't crap, not once! HOW? I have no idea. Maybe from the anxiety of running with a new and untainted person. I should back this up a bit, the best part was running with someone. Hands down!! But seriously, I warned her. I now send people the link to this post, instead of trying to explain it all over again.

I was an amazing run. The weather wasn't as cold as I thought it would. My blood sugar AND bowels behaved themselves much to my surprise. The long slow uphill was challenging in the snow but to accomplish a run like that feels very rewarding.

Our little mountain.

Update: Although my legs were sore from not running consistently in a long time, what was more sore was my peripheral muscles. The smaller muscles used to constantly keep my ass from falling while running in snow. Good for you!


  1. You are *so* going to kick my butt at ATB.

  2. ....nice to hear you didn't have a shitty run!
    seriously! happy for you!

  3. LOL "dude, the insulin party happens inside!"- totally cracked me up. So happy to hear about your awesome run and glad to hear you had company, that's so great. You runners are a different breed of human, I swear. :)

  4. Hahaha, my comment was going to be the same as Sysy's. I'm still jealous of your running abilities! You're amazing. Someday soon I'll be running that far too. I think you did excellent with your BG managment as well! :)


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