Thursday, January 5, 2012

I said "NO" but diabetes didn't listen

I was at Shoppers Drugmart yesterday (akin to Walgreens) because someone told me peanut butter was on sale. Costco stopped stocking Kraft and instead started carrying Skippy so I have been in need of a new dealer.

I only planned to go in for peanut butter but I got distracted by a new cycling magazine called "Paved". When I saw the article on the front called "Life work racing against a deadly disease" I immediately knew it was about Phil Sutherland and I was right! So as I was standing there all of a sudden I felt low. Like super all of a sudden. As in my world shifted dramatically and quickly. I checked in at 4.9mmol/l (88mg/dl) which is not really all that low so I carried on over to the peanut butter. Except that now I felt really low. I guess I was dropping fast.
I just wanted to get out of there but then my low brain spotted holiday discount chocolate. OH-fucking-NO! I kept telling myself "NO" but as I grabbed chocolate goodies and balanced them in my arms I couldn't even stop myself. I mean, I have trouble passing sale chocolate on a normal day, never mind while being low. As my starving brain was trying to decide between which kind of chocolate to buy more of, my low was getting progressively worse.

I plodded out to my car with my 2 bags of chocolate and peanut butter and then I crumpled into my seat. I quickly mowed down a few glucose tablets and patiently waited. Whaaaat?! Yeah, I went for the nasty chalky gag-inducing glucose tablets while a big bag of sweet goodies sat on the seat next to me.

As I came out of my starving brain of hypoglycemia I looked over and thought, what have I done? You know how they say hypoglycemia can often be disregarded as someone being drunk? I think I experienced something like that because I didn't even remember buying all that chocolate!

This was during my lunchtime to boot. Post hypos usually leave me a bit nauseous and no desire to eat. I continued to sit there in my car eating chocolate. MAJOR SIGH!! (don't worry, I bolused for it.) I was pissed off.

I will be hiding this stuff somewhere in my house where I will hopefully forget it even exists.

The moral of the story? Don't go into the drug store while low.


  1. That should go right underneath "Don't grocery shop while hungry" in the rule book! I had a streak a few years ago where I went low every time I was either in or near a bakery or bakery department. Not good.

  2. don't feel too bad scully. i would like to meet the person who could pass on Icy Squares, diabetic or not!! they are just the best chocolate EVER!!

  3. That has totally happened to me before and I left with like boxes of random stuff i never buy like granola bars, candy, cereal, raisins. lol I love that you went into a building for the sole purpose of getting peanut butter! Well at least you're now well stocked with chocolates. And fine ones I might add :)

  4. Oh man, I've been there... and I often wonder what the clerk thinks when I show up to the till with massive amounts of junk :) Have you ever opened up a juice off the shelf while in the grocery store and have people stare at you mercifully? I have. The joys of diabetes!

  5. Bean says you can send her the chocolate! ;)

  6. Hi Guys,

    Diabetes is a very dangerous disease. I suggest you to take care of your health and food. You should avoid sugar and use other products which are friendly for health. Check out the website for help!

  7. Don't worry. With the glassy hypo-eyes and bags of chocolates, everybody probably just thought you were high and in search of munchies. No biggie. :^)

  8. When I have low blood sugars grocery shopping, you wouldn't believe the stuff I add to my cart! Sugar, sugar, and a side of sugar. When I'm high while shopping, I buy so many fluids. One day I came home with 2 24-packs of water, 2 24-packs of soda, and six bottles of juice. The kicker there is that I never drink juice!

  9. Wow, who invited Captain Obvious to the party? Me thinks someone should read back a few months worth of blogs to see just how INSANELY healthy you are before saying something so... Ok, (be NICE Erin), I am going to self censor myself now...
    -Big Sister E


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