Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Funky Monkey Snacks!

Pre-post info:
Funky Monkey Snacks are gluten-free, wheat-free, dairy-free, peanut and tree nut free and contain no added sugars, colours, flavours or preservatives. Funky Monkey Snacks are simply real fruit snacks, made using a proprietary freeze-drying process that creates fruit that crunches! while retaining nearly all of fruit's natural goodness.

When I was contacted and offered some samples of these I was like, HELLS YEAH! I love me some free samples. Especially of something that I can actually eat.

In one word, these snacks are: FANTASTIC!

I was sent 5 packets to try

Bananamon: Freeze-dried organic banana and cinnamon
JiveALime: Freeze-dried Pinaple and Lime Juice
Applemon: Freeze-dried apple and cinnamon
MangoOJ: Freeze-dried mango and orange juice
Pink Pineapple: Freeze-dried pineapple and guava
Also available:
Carnaval Mix: Freeze-dried organic banana, pineapple, apple and papaya
Purple Funk: Freeze-dried organic banana and acai

I received the 29g packages (they also have 12g size packages). I easily ate a whole package in one sitting. The larger packages claim to contain three of the four daily recommended servings of fruit. The carbs weren't difficult to manage at all. I didn't have any problems bolusing and managing. They average 25g carbs per 29g packet. The only thing I did wrong was not predicting I'd eat the whole thing. And I did, eat the whole thing.

This is truly a different kind of way to eat fruit. Sure there's dried fruit, dehydrated fruit and even some freeze dried fruit. Any of the freeze dried stuff I've had it pretty much disintegrates in your mouth because there's nothing left to it. Kind of like those nasty marshmallows in cereals. Funky Monkey is actually very VERY crunchy! Just like the package says! No false advertising here, and they all tasted really awesome!

Pink Pineapple

I loved the crunchy fruit. In fact I liked all the flavours.  The Pink Pineapple was probably my favourite. The Applemon was a hit with my family too. How can you not love apples and cinnamon?
My brother being a good sport (even though he didn't know yet that he wouldn't like this flavour)
The ones who tried the Bananamon weren't too keen on it. I, on the other hand, liked the banana ones. They weren't as good as the others but I still.. um.. helped finish off the bag.

My niece having a go at the Applemon.

She totally loved them.

If you go to the Funky Monkey website it lists a bunch of stores that carry them. I've never seen them up here in Canada but I'm going to have a look around. When I can't find them (because that's always what happens) I'm definitely ordering online. 

Dang those companies that make such good products that leave me scouring this lame province for them forever more.

Funky Monkey Snacks sent me these samples free of charge in exchange for a review


  1. They sound yummy! Always looking for a way to get more fruit in the old diet. Time for me to start scouring!

  2. Interesting!

    I have a lot of "texture" issues with fruit (I know, I'm weird), and I think I'd actually prefer something like this rather than fresh fruit. I'll take a look and see if I can find any around here!

    Thanks Scully!


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