Friday, December 2, 2011

Transportable Glucagon

I recently got my ass in gear and got myself a couple boxes of Glucagon. The one I had on hand expired in 2008. Um... not exactly usable right?

The only thing is that when you order Glucagon around this part of the world, this is how it comes:

Not exactly the most protective and transportable right?

I brought the other box over to my parents house. I figured I spend a lot of time over there so having a box at my house and their house seemed like the most appropriate. It does me absolutely no good when I'm in neither of those place though. I've never carried this stuff on me, in fact I didn't even know how to use it. Not that there's a lot to know. The point is I read the insert once many many years ago. 

So I was telling my mum how to use it, when to use it and what to expect. She asked me why I didn't carry it in my purse and I told her that it would fall apart after months of being carried around in my bag.

So just like my mum who has an art of making something out of nothing, comes up with an idea.

A travel toothbrush case!

Yeah it's kind of big but it's safer and easy to carry.
I now have one tucked in the bottom of my purse for the first time in over 9 years.

Other Canadian D-folks out there, what do YOU do?


  1. The toothbrush thing works. I can't imagine keeping that box in my purse. It would be crushed, smashed and unfindable.
    Yay for moms!

  2. Ummm, well, mine expired in 2003. However, I've heard from a very reliable source that glucagon is good far beyon its expiry date (perhaps not 8 years past) because the actual medicine is dry and the portion in the needle is just saline! Anyway, I have a prescription in my purse (not a cool purple one ;)) and you've inspired me to fill it! By the way- that's the greatest idea for a travel case!

  3. What a great idea!!! Glad you got some of this stuff :)

  4. I also add an insulin syringe. If you're not comatose, but can't get your sugars up with juice or whatever, give a mini dose (15units) and it'll bring you up, but not to like 20 with the full dose

  5. Hi, Scully ... I've just acquired a new Glucagon as well. I keep it in my bike pannier and take it out on the water with me when I row. It's in a heavy-duty waterproof plastic container, with "Diabetic Emergency Supplies" marked on the outside and a hopefully easy-to-follow set of instructions inside. I've never used the stuff on myself while conscious, so I've tried to make it as accessible as possible for someone else to use if I'm UNconscious (hopefully THAT won't ever be necessary either!). Should your toothbrush container maybe have something taped to the outside to indicate what it is?

  6. Moms totally rock at stuff like that!!
    We carry juice boxes in soap containers! ;)

  7. Let me know if you want me to send you a couple of our cases...I have some to spare. xo

  8. I am a bad diabetic and have never (dx 2003) carried glucagon. I live alone and I figure if I am low enough to need it, I am too low to use it.

    I got the prescription once, but I never filled it.

  9. i have been diabetic for 37yrs now, and just bought my first Glucagon kit in May. i had to purchase one in order to receive my pump (it's an Ontario thing LOL!), but i don't carry it with me. perhaps i should get a toothbrush case and start too!! great idea!

  10. Oh man, be thankful you have never had the privilege of being injected with that crap – it's like a hangover times 50. My gawd, worst stuff EVER. Yeah, yeah, sure it's saved my life a few times in my late teen years, but the after effects were like 3 days of hell!

    However, I fall into the category of irresponsible diabetic when it comes to glucagon; haven't had any around, not in my purse, not in my house, not at work, nowhere, since 2001 when I discovered (after trying to be responsible) that the stuff has an expiry date. Was working at a summer camp in Maine, and brought along the tube I'd had sitting in my fridge for two years – it was crystalized. Awesome.

    Really hoping I'm not jinxing myself by admitting to all that ;)


    Love that you have it too :)

    LOVE YOUR MOM!!!!!


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