Thursday, November 3, 2011

Under 20, Over 65 or... diseased

After 18 years I finally demanded my dentist to remove my EFFFF'n (it felt way too early in the post to use the full spelling) permanent retainer from my bottom teeth.

This is totally unrelated to the post. I had a dentist appointment Tuesday to get a tiny wee cavity filled and the hallelujah moment of removing my retainer.

Dentist: "Well we recommend you leave it in for as long as you can stand it."
Me: "I can't stand it any more!"
Dentist: "Just know that your teeth could migrate still."
Me: "It's been 18 year since I had my braces removed, I don't want any more metal in my mouth!"

I was surprised that after nearly 2 years of not visiting the dentist all I had was one tiny little cavity. Looks like I can continue eating chocolate in bed :). I will admit that the removal of the permanent retainer has left my mouth feeling uber strange but good fucking riddance.  (much more acceptable to curse at this point in the post)

Good bill of health in my mouth!

That was Tuesday. Wednesday I had a visit with my Optometrist. I've never feared the eye doctor yet after reading a lot of horror stories on other diabetic blogs I actually felt antsy this time. I didn't like it.

I learned a lot and asked a lot of questions like,
"Why is my night vision so shitty with my glasses?" and "Why can I not see well with my glasses and not see well with my contacts either?" and "Am I cursed to never know what it's like to see clearly?" 

and on and on. I have really shitty eyes. Like, I can't see 2 inches in front of my face bad. Contacts irritate my eyes and I can only wear them a few hours at a time. Ergo typically only when exercising. Glasses are cumbersome and with my heavy prescription, I can never see very well without them. There is no middle ground aside from shelling out thousands of dollars that I don't have to get laser. Maybe if I put my millions of dollars worth of used contacts under my pillow the laser fairy will visit me?


So I learned another rather odd thing about my eyes also. See, after a long run or long workout of any kind I cannot see worth a damn with contacts and must remove them for the rest of the day. I asked if something weird happens to my eyeballs after many hours of exercise. My doctor was stumped. In the end she said I must have odd tears that mix with the sweat and render me useless. What else did she tell me? I'll never see clearly with my eyes being so bad.

In essence what she was really saying was, "Suck it up buttercup, you'll never see clearly."

Lastly, after years of not really paying attention I learned a little something about the Ontario Health Program. Everybody is always telling me that the government pays for one eye exam a year but then how come I always had to pay? Well today was the first time I didn't have to pay. So who gets a free eye exam? If you're under 20, over 65 or DISEASED! Huzzah for being diseased! Why it never came up before this, I have no idea. They know I've had T1D for over 9 years.

Lastly, Lastly? I get retinal scans done at these appointments which do happen to be out-of-pocket but it saves me going to see Opthamologists and all the headaches that come with that. She showed me the pictures of the insides of my eyes and I'm happy to say that my eyes are 100% healthy.  They are "perfect" she says, well despite the fact that I'm fucking paralyzed without my glasses.

Good bill of health in my eyes!

I walked out of there content. Healthy eyes and $100 still in my pocket.

Two days, two doctors appointments gave me reassurance on my healthy eyes and healthy teeth.


  1. I can't believe you didn't use the proper spelling for the eff word - are you going soft on us Scully?

    Yay for the clean bill of health for your eyes and teeth. Sometimes it's handy to be diseased eh? First in line for flu shots, free eye exams. I even got a free pneumonia vaccine this year.

    Now I'll be really REALLY happy when they start handing out free running shoes to diabetics who exercise and keep healthy!

  2. YAYY!!!! "diseased" oh my that's actually funny in the context of this post. Anyway great news! I'm very happy for you! And yeah girl, don't worry about the chocolate, my dentist tells me to just swish some water in my mouth afterwards :) Getting this news is always a nice relief ain't it? On the other hand, I can feel you on the vision thing...I HATE that I "lose" my glasses because I can't freakin see them right there on the dresser in front of me! Well, if we have crappy vision, I hope at least we retain eye health. Though sometimes, to be honest, I will imagine what it's like to wake up in the morning and "gasp!" be able to just SEE ;)

  3. good eyes, good teeth, good god lets eat...chocolate!
    great report card scully!


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