Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Snapshots

Since Saturday was a crapshoot...

I got the pleasure of spectating a marathon for the first time. I was there to support "Marathon Man" in a vicarious way though Celine. It was all sorts of interesting. It was exciting to watch a marathon in my home town. So instead of blabbing on about a marathon I didn't run, here are some pictures I managed to get along the way. It can be real fun watching runners from the sidelines.

The start of the half marathon

Someone shit in his cornflakes this morning

Lovely crisp cool morning for a marathon

Um, Moose?

We all love water station volunteers!

The Marathon Man himself, not even stopping.

A bib number NOBODY wants to get. Well, maybe except me.

For some, it doesn't feel cold. Insane. I was wearing a scarf and toque.

This kid is either 13 or 15, we couldn't hear the M.C. very well. Either way, he ran a 3:30 marathon.

Everybody needs more cowbell

Celine and her twin friend Erin. I couldn't resist. You guys even have the same hair colour and black hoods.

Literally 5 feet from the timing mat.

Aaaand, done. 3:38 gives him a direct entry to NYC Marathon next year. Congrats! An inspiration to watch.


  1. Great pics Scully! Funny how we can be at the same event and take such different photos of it. Thanks for hanging out with the Bobbsey twins today :)

  2. That's funny...we did resemble each other a titch. Great day had by all!


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