Friday, November 4, 2011

Orbit 90 Infusion set

My CDE told me about Orbit 90 a couple years ago.  At that time, I contacted the company to ask if I could try out their product.  They replied telling me that it wasn't compatible with my pump (Medtronic Paradigm 522). So I let it be.

Recently I went back to check out their website again to see if there was any developments. Low and behold there was something right on their home page that said, "Compatible with ALL pumps." So I filled out the form and by the end of the day received a phone call. The next day it arrived on my doorstep.

For all the information about this infusion set, visit the website here.

A quick list of the aspects that appealed to me are:

  • rotates freely 360 degrees
  • teflon introducer needle (means its the smallest on the market)
  • option of blue tubing which helps detect bubbles better
  • smooth dome shape reduces snags
  • semi transparent body heat activated tape
  • one-handed connect and disconnect

Now in order for the Orbit to work with my pump I have to use the Fifty50 luer lock reservoir. I will mention ahead of time that I am an infusion set whore. I like them all and I use them all. I use regularly the Silhouettes, Quick-Sets and Mio infusion sets.

The bits and pieces.

Filling the reservoir. This system I found pretty difficult compared to my regular reservoirs. I had trouble doing it with two hands. It was also really hard to get all the bubbles out.

It's a manual insertion infusion set but there is the option of purchasing an inserter much like the one used with the Quick Sets. I chose to insert manually.

Mind the red bump from a previous infusion set.

Pretty blue tubing (Hi Celine!)

Fits snug as a bug in a pump... (?)

My thoughts?
I like that the tape is semi-translucent and skin coloured.  It doesn't itch! I love that there is nothing for clothing to snag on. It truly IS low profile. I catch my infusion sets on clothing and towels ALL the time. Of course I love the 360 degree spin and it really spins FREELY. Just look at the little video below! I am hoping that the blue tubing will help find bubbles faster and easier. I run into that problem a lot and find them very hard to see. I also like that you can snap it on and off without looking. It pops on and off in any direction. Lastly, I love that the adhesive is body heat activated since I sometimes have a problem with infusion sets not sticking when I start sweating.

The only thing I didn't like was the filling and connecting of the Fifty50 reservoir. It was awkward and time consuming compared to what I'm used to but I'm sure it's something I could master. They sent me 2 samples. The first one I put in had a small little kink but I think that was because I inserted the needle too slow. The second one I used I whipped that thing into my arm quickly and had lovely results with it for the entire time I was wearing it. And the tape? holy fucknugget that stuff is strong! I swear I ripped a few layers of skin off when I removed it. SWEET! that's a good sign!

Overall, I may switch to these guys permanently. If for no other reason than the fact that they are cheaper than all the Medtronic infusion sets out there at $145/box of 10. Sorry Medtronic, I'll do anything to save money on diabetes supplies. Well, almost anything. 



  1. I love that my brain went 'ooooh!' when I saw the blue tubing and then I saw your 'hi Céline' comment :)

    I've only ever tried one type of infusion set (Medtronic's) but you've inspired me to check out other options.

  2. i tried them and i must say, i did like the fact that they spun easily. they are quite low profile, but i didnt find they stuck very well. maybe i dont sweat enough? i may try them again, it's been awhile.

  3. Hmm you've peaked my attention for sure, but I don't know that the ability to turn all the way around is actually something that appeals to me or kinda icks me out. I have never had a problem without the ability to rotate, but change is sometimes a good thing too. I may have to check out other infusion sets now. Thanks for the info.

  4. Amanda, Yeah, to be honest the spinny thing just sort of got my attention because it's neat. (read: Ooh shiny!) It makes a difference because I wear it on my arm but anywhere else it's just a wasted selling feature perhaps.

    Kim, in combination with Skin Tac, these suckers are glued to my body! but yet I've always had problems getting other sets to stick for long periods of time.

  5. Wow, I want to try these out! I love hearing about other people that use their arms for infusion sites! Cool, Thanks for sharing! :D

  6. I just submitted a request for a sample. I've been using only Quick Sets for 6 years now...I just started wondering if I should try out other sets, so this is perfect timing. Thanks for the info!


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