Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My DiabeTees Day

Mr. Jeff Mather came up with the idea of International Diabe-Tees Day. Can I just say that the folks in the DOC are some of the most creative people out there?  Just where do they come up with all these neat ideas? I have no ideas, I am just a sheep and follow.


So here is my T-shirt. You'll have to excuse the photo. I took a bazillion pictures but this was the only one that kinda slightly sorta turned out. I was getting frustrated taking so many pictures so this ended up being the only decent one. Cut me some slack, it was late, I was tired and I had just showered after being on the trainer. I also could not wear this all day as it would have been inappropriate office attire. When are they going to quit making us wear ugly work clothes? Please ignore the stupid look on my face, just focus on the T-shirt.

(It says, "CAN-D-GAL, WDD 2011")

So the Canada flag kind of turned out orange. I tried, but couldn't get it to print red. Do you think I am dissing Canada by showing a half faded ugly flag? Sorry about that, blame my dad's inkjet printer.

Lately I've come to realize that the name of my blog, if shortened, sounds like "Candy Gal". That totally rocks and was completely unknown to me until just recently.

Can-D-Gal.  Get it?

Thanks Jeff

I'm glad that this month of arts and crafts is over. Between the T-shirt, postcard and scrapbook, I'm ready to put that shit away.


  1. ...sweeeeet!
    look and all....

    Got it!


  2. I never realized it before, but Candy Gal does sound like your blog. Pretty sweet!

  3. LOL I love it! The look on your face is priceless. And yes, it's been a crafty month hasn't it? Not my forte lol.

  4. my only craft this month was my postcard, so you are definately crafty!! love the shirt Candy Gal!!


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