Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Back to the creepy adult playground

It's NOVEMBER and that means Diabetes Awareness Month


NaBloPoMo. I will be posting every day this month. Scared? I am.


It's that time of year.

The time when the weather changes and so does my exercise regimen.

I'm in the middle of switching gears and so that leaves me very VERY confused. Training for the marathon left me with blinders on. I no longer did anything else but run. A bike ride here and there but that's about it. No spin classes, no stair climbing, nothing but running.

But now that the race is over and I took a week off to rest and recuperate I'm so totally lost! I am a creature of routine when it comes to my exercising. What was it that I used to do before? I always ran just not as often. I also visited the stairs on a weekly basis and I went to the gym too. I have some VERY EXCITING news to share soon which is going to change my routine even more.

Saturday, I went to the gym for the first spin class in a LOOONG time. I felt like a complete outsider walking into the gym. I wondered if the spin class was still on the schedule at that time. I wondered if I would get the stink eye from the chick at the counter for not coming to the gym in so long. I am happy to say the class is still there, I didn't get the stink eye and for the most part everything was the same as it always was. Even the Saturday morning "regulars". It took me a good 8 or 10 goes at my combination lock to remember what the combo was. I got it though! When I stepped out onto the floor I felt a mix of deja-vu and "where am I?".

You see I absolutely despise going to the gym during the warmer months. Most of the reason I do attend the gym is for my favourite spin class which is only offered twice a week. One of the days was Saturday but that had become long run day. The other day is Wednesday but the commute from my new job means I can't make it in time. So no gym all summer.

So Saturday I wandered around feeling pretty lost. All the machines were either new, moved or not there anymore. The bikes in the spin room were all new and thus took me way too long to adjust. I only ever had to remember the numbers 6 and 4. Now I have to remember 'K'? (the adjustment markers on the spin bike). I was glad that Saturday mornings the gym is not very busy as I was trying to remember what I did as I waited for spin class to begin. I was spared shame at every machine when I couldn't even remember how to use most of them much less what weight I was at. I was one of those chicks that I used to silently chuckle at. It's always women, too, that don't know how to use most of the machines. It's written in our genes or something. I got a handle of it though. It was more of a problem because the old ones were replaced with new ones and they were all re-arranged and not in the same location.

That's my excuse any way!

Back into the routine though. Less frequent running outside and more cross-training inside. I do so dislike the cold weather sometimes and how much extra work it takes just to get out for a run. The gym is a place of weirdness for me. Something about feeling like I'm at an adult playground but it's not really fun, it's kind of torturous. I always feel like I'm in some sort of underworld and we're all zombies mindlessly working out. Same time, same people, same workout. Like a hamster on a wheel. Like mindless robots. Everybody has earphones in and they all stare at you as soon as you walk in because they are so zoned out. Not to mention I can't fart at will.

I felt strong in spin class though and my absence was even noted by some of the regulars who were surprised to see me back again. During one of the breaks we even chatted a bit about the marathon. It was a good time. It felt SO good to see that familiar puddle of sweat under my bike. I know my legs are stronger from all the running because I pushed hard on the bike and hardly hurt after.

It will take me a little while to get my cold weather routine game back on.


  1. I hear you on the farting at will - so much easier 'on the run' :)

    New routines take some getting used to but we adjust and then the familiar routine from a month ago feels strange. I don't know what I'm gonna do when I can run again - it already feels like a past life and it's only been a month.

  2. "I have some VERY EXCITING news to share soon..." OMFG, Scullz!! You are such a tease!

  3. ...ummm...if I had VERY EXCITING news...i would definitely share it with you before the rest of the world found out...
    sadly, i seem to rarely have VERY EXCITING news...so i will just sit here at my computer...waiting...NOT very exciting...at all!

  4. You ARE a tease, I read the whole article thinking that surely you were going to tell us there but I guess by tell us "soon" you meant in a later post. Argh! Anyway, you'd like the gym here at my apartment complex-always empty (especially in the winter) So I roll in like it's my own personal gym :D And what is it about women and machines? I'm using a rental car right now while the other one gets fixed and I swear it took me 10 minutes to figure out how to release the break (it was a foot pedal-embarrassing). Well, i'm glad you're getting back to some spinning, sounds fun! And yes, it's hard getting outside to run with cold weather. My brother in law just gave me his copy of P90x to try out. We'll see how that goes, after all, it works for Reyna!

  5. You know what that means? I get to bomb your blog with comments every day for the next month! :)

    Truth- I haven't been to my gym since? Good question- some time in August to pick up the stuff out of my locker because they were doing a renovation. I haven't returned since, even though I was supposed to go back and choose a new locker. Tomorrow might be the day though. I haven't been swimming in forever. Also lucky for me, the strength machines at my gym all have "how to use" diagrams.

  6. I'm definitely looking forward to reading something from you every day for a whole month. You make me want to do more - - - sometimes...

  7. Ok, stupid Non-D outsider here, what the heck is NaBloPoMo??


  8. Nevermind. Your sister needs to go back and catch up on your blog posts. I saw what it means.


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