Monday, November 7, 2011

Already dreading those frosty runs

It's time to pull out one of my some 20 posts sitting in my drafts this month.
I wrote this one a couple weeks ago.

The weather is changing. I haven't forgot what it's like to run in the cold but maybe I intentionally put it out of my mind the moment my shorts came out in late spring.

I feel like it's a lot harder in the cold weather. Sure it FEELS better without buckets of sweat pouring into my eyeballs and causing seriously uncomfortable chafing in those oh so private places. But it requires yet MORE planning. Like training for a marathon alone with diabetes wasn't enough in the summertime.

We are a good month or so away from below freezing so I'm good for another little while I suppose. It's more of a nasty reminder of what is to come. The temperature change most certainly effects my BG by bringing it down a lot quicker. I guess because my body is working harder to stay warm. (?)

I will need to start protecting my glucose meter and strips from the cold. I have already been wearing light gloves and a toque the past week. I'll need to start finding a way to prevent my water from freezing in my bottle. And what happens when I go for my 20+ km runs? How will I stash water ahead of time and make sure it's not ice by the time I get there?

Then there's me, and my non co-operative body. I'm not talking about my misbehaving bowels, though poops will follow me wherever I run no matter what the season. I'm talking about my internal thermometer.

One of the mornings that I ran this week already reminded me of that. I start out cold and warm up very quickly. I break a sweat within the first 5 minutes even when it's below zero. Yeah, what gives? I sweat so much that it creates a nice little layer of moisture. I stay nicely here for the first half of the run. Then all of a sudden I just stop sweating. I stop sweating and my body temperature begins to plummet. That nice layer of moisture turns from feeling warm to feeling like I'm swimming in the arctic. The rest of the run I get colder and colder until things eventually start feeling numb. The worst is the frozen thighs and bums.

It doesn't end there either. By the time I arrive home (or car) I'm so cold. It gets deep into my core and I spend the next 2-3 hours totally unable to warm up no matter how long of a hot shower I take or how many layers of clothes I pile on.

This is my cold-weather routine. It would be fucking peachy if I just didn't profusely sweat at the beginning or if I continued to sweat through the duration of the entire run.

This is what I'm not looking forward to, this is what I hate and I have no idea how to remedy it. It's not even winter yet and I'm already dreading the process and it's killing my motivation. I know I shouldn't dwell on the things I cannot change but these things make it so much harder.

The other day I drove to work after my morning run with the heat blasting while wearing a big jacket, scarf and mitts. All while still shivering. It was only like 10C (50F) outside.

Anybody else?


  1. Me? I hate being too warm while running, but if I go out for more than an hour, my heart rate will settle in and the sweat will go away, and I'll begin freezing. I've already decided I'm going to have to buy fleece lined running tights for this winter.

    I don't know if it will agree with your stomach or not, but adding anything "extra" to your water should lower the freezing point- say Nuun or another electrolyte tablet.

  2. Try a VBL at least for your hands. A latex (or similar) glove under your running gloves will keep the sweat from evaporating/ cooling your skin, and will keep the sweat from compromising the insulation or your gloves. Also, try a thin, high-quality wool base layer instead of synthetics on your legs and torso. Instead of facilitating chilling evaporation, it will insulate better when damp. I run and sweat at -40°C and stay pretty warm.

    For stashed water try a Nalgene Parka, I think OR makes a pretty good one.



  3. oh my gosh...this sounds like hell...I would have quit by now lol. I hope you find a way to find solutions for all these extra challenges so that you can keep running this season! Keep us posted on what works!


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