Thursday, October 13, 2011

October 12 of 12

I tried something different this month.

I don't know what gave me this idea and I'm not sure I'd do it again.  I took a picture every hour on the hour (almost every hour) from when I woke up until.. well.. NOW!

I didn't just take ANY picture every hour, I took a picture of myself doing whatever I was doing at that moment.  No exceptions. It was different. I felt rather "exposed" during the day. Knowing that my life for this day would be broad casted in some sort of quasi fucked up vain sort of way.

Who takes pictures of themselves all day long?  Well, it was interesting although looking back on my hour by hour day - it looks really boring!!!

Here we go:


I'm not even awake and it's obvious.  All I care about is that honking huge mug of coffee sitting in front of me.  I don't think I've ever exposed my 5am face to the world.

6:00am came and went while I was out running


Just walked in the door after a great 11km run.  Why the fuck I'm doing those stupid "jazz hands" are beyond me.


Get used to this view.  In the car driving to work.  My face is still a bit flushed from the run. Does it show how much I love commuting?


More coffee.  My god that mug looks HUGE!  it's really not, it's just the angle of the shot, I swear!


Pee break! I can't believe I took you guys into the bathroom at work.  I'm showing off my new wrap skirt I got in a clothing swap.  I get lots of compliments on it.


Moving onto water now and listening to some podcasts. If you haven't figured out by now, I don't know how to make the "normal" camera face.


Raw almonds.  I LOVE raw almonds.  I don't love working through lunch though.


A slightly different angle of the same shit.  Still working. Holy fuck this is boring!


I got sent on a field trip, that's why I had to work through lunch.  A field trip to the city hall to apply for a building permit.  NOT one of the perks of my job.  BUT, I love me some afternoon tea to make the long drive a bit more bearable.


Remember what I said about getting used to the view inside my car?  Well, I'm still driving to the city hall. By this point the hair clip has come out because it's causing a headache.


LEAVING city hall.  Just in time for rush hour traffic coming out of Toronto.  FML!


Guess where?!  Yup.  still driving and still not home yet :(


Home and I'm already in my jammies.  I'm getting my coffee maker all set up to go off at 4:45am.  A necessary chore!


Farting around the house.  Literally.  Lots of farting, it's "shark week" as Reyna calls it.  Give me a break.  This is a beautiful number, 6.9mmol/l.  (and a creepy picture!)


Getting my post all ready and uploading pics.  This is enough for one day.

So that was really weird.  Hope it wasn't too exhaustingly boring watching me sit on my ass all day.  Now you know why I run!  It's also obvious that I used my cell phone for all the middle of the day shots. 

See you next month!


  1. ...i was just thinking...(again) about how i would LOVE to see've made my day sort of...(as-in the real deal would be so much better!)
    in any case...i did wonder why a trip to City Hall would take so long...City of Brampton, eh?!!...the Flower City!

    ...gotta say, i loved seeing a bit of this day in your life...and of course...totally LOVE the GREEN jammies!

    see ya!


  2. WHAT A GREAT IDEA...LOVED IT!! and LOVE THE Jazz hands ;)

  3. I loved this idea! And of course the funny faces through out the day are awesome.

  4. LOVE the skirt. Oh and the Jazz hands made me smile.
    I should do this some day, but unless you want to see me feeding the Things, changing diapers, cleaning and cooking, it's really kinda boring :)

  5. All your photo faces are wonderful! My favorite is the one where you're setting up your coffee maker. Kind of looks like you're on a caffeine spree... :)

  6. I love your idea. Different and very creative. Enjoyed every one of the photos.
    Well done. Greetings from Germany

  7. LOL! What a great idea!!! I thought of doing something somewhat similar once but the "exposed" feeling you mentioned stopped me. Glad you are brave enough to do it, it was so worth it. It's like we were there with you throughout your day! Dang you do spend all kinds of hours sitting due to work and driving. I can see why you're always itching to run! I hope you do this again some time!

  8. What a cool (and brave) idea! I laughed (giggled) outloud a couple times - I love your "not enjoying this" face. :)

    OH... Love the skirt, very cute!

  9. I love it!!!
    Makes me want more coffee....

  10. I loved this and I especially love that you mentioned farting!

  11. I liked the post. Awesome idea

  12. This was a fun post to read. :) Cool idea!

    Reyna may have the lashes, but wow, you have beautiful blue eyes!

  13. Awesome it. I'm sure people would think my life is pretty boring if I took pictures every hour, too.

  14. Lol! You're so awesome, and you have killer legs!

  15. I think I am physically unable to take a picture of myself without making a funny face so I really appreciated this post. I also appreciate how little time I have to spend in the car. :(


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