Thursday, October 27, 2011

November is full of links!

November is coming and with that the DOC is lighting up like a christmas tree! I'm going out of my mind trying to keep track of it all.

November is Diabetes Awareness month. Last year I participated in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) for the entire month of November. Basically I blogged for 30 days straight and I'll be doing it again because I'm kind of weird like that. A lot of D-bloggers partake in the November NaBloPoMo so it's fun to follow along. It's also challenging. By the end of the month I'm ready to quit blogging all together.

 It seems there is a lot going on in November in and around the Diabetes Blogosphere so here, I will share with you.


This is hosted by Gina at Diabetes Talk Fest and is going on it's 6th year! This year however she's changed it up. It's a scrapbooking project. Now, no offense but I kind of find scrapbooking a bit strange and cult like. It's not really my thing but I've got a bunch of supplies and I'm going to try it. 


I am a new found lover of the organization Connected In Motion and have made a lot of new friends. Originally located in Toronto you can now find CIM events all across Canada. If you are diabetic, know someone who is diabetic or just want to "CONNECT" then sign up for the CIM Slipstream in the City. Tickets are $30 and it's going to be a great big party. I've got my ticket! Check out the site for more info. 


Good blogger friend Jeff at Jeff Mather's Dispatches created this. Make a T-shirt, wear it on the 14th and let the world know you are part of "Team Pancreas"! 


 This is by far the neatest thing happening to honor World Diabetes Day. Lee Ann over at The Butter Compartment is the DOC's valued art therapist. She's taken hundreds (literally) of participants and exchanged addresses so that we can all make a postcard and mail it out to our recipient. Just think of the hundreds of homemade postcards that will be flying through the air in time for World Diabetes Day!

Team Type 1 - Run Across America

For 18 days, 10 Team Type 1 runners will run across America continuously 24hours a day. Starting in California and ending in New York City for World Diabetes Day on the 14th. You will be able to follow the runners along their journey at the link above.


If you are in the Toronto area and would like to attend this half-day event there will be a lot of us there. Myself included. Kerri Sparling will be there along with some other great speakers.

NOVEMBER 1st - 14th

Between November 1st and the 14th:
1. Test your blood sugar
2. Get active (for at least 14 minutes)
3. Test again
4. Share your results at the Big Blue Test website

If I'm missing anything, feel free to let me know!

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  1. ...ok so my first thought was...
    see you in December! (i'm not trying to sound bitter*)
    my second thought was...looks like TO will be a hopping place! for you...2 saturdays in a row!
    my third thought was...WOW...Kerri Sparling writes Poetry!!
    and finally the *...30 days of daily Blogging?...i suppose i will actually see you daily!...for a month anyways. gain an hour with the time change in, maybe you get some rest?


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