Monday, October 17, 2011

Marathon goals

Well, here we are.  Officially one short week before race day.
My nerves are starting to act up and my guts are twisting.  These are the days where I sit back and mull over the last 6 months.

Am I ready?  In my head I am but I worry about being ready in my body. I want my legs to hold up and my feet to remain firmly one in front of the other. No limping allowed.

I'm going into this with an ipod full of my favourite music and my favourite podcasts though I'd like to run most of it earphone-free.  I find it hard to concentrate on my own pace with all the hubbub of other runners constantly passing me. So the earphones will be there to help me focus if I need it.

So here is a short list of some of my wispy personal goals.

Totally obvious.  Unless I get injured.

2. Enjoy it
This is very important.  I'm not going to run this thing because I want to be put through hell and back.  I want to run it because I ENJOY running.  I want to take all the excitement and energy in.  I want to finish smiling.

3. Stay on top of fueling early on
This is something I've come to learn through my training.  If I run too long and get too tired and exhausted I get nauseous.  If I wait too long before I fuel then I'm up shit creek.  The line is so faint between "feeling good and time to fuel" and "Oops, it's too late". My goal is to take in 3 gels before the half-way point and continue on a regular schedule until my body feels like it's had enough.

4. Don't over-hydrate
I know this sounds ridiculous but I have a much bigger problem with over-hydrating than I do with dehydrating.  I learned a valuable lesson after that scare with possibly suffering from Hyponatremia. I know through training that a lot of it has to do with an electrolyte imbalance and the fact that I don't eat enough the days leading up to the long run.  So in short? eat more (salty) things for a few days before and hydrate lots ahead of time.

5. Don't put pressure on myself
Aka: don't expect much.  This is relatively important to me.  I've never run a marathon nor am I an exceptional athlete by any means.  I'm pretty regular and I have to keep reminding myself of that when I am likely hanging out at the back of the pack. It's not like taking a half marathon and just doubling it.  It's not like taking a 30k race and adding 12.2km to it either.  I have a habit of setting myself up for disappointment.

6. Positive thoughts only
This kind of goes along with #5.  Negative thoughts seem to be my way of sabotaging myself during races. I feel an ache or a pain and I obsess about it until I'm freaking out. I'm getting better at staying positive and that's really important.

7. Rock the blood sugars!
This is more of a pray and hope than it is a goal. Come marathon day I will assess it hour by hour and hope for the best.  The race doesn't start until 10pm which is a bit awkward as it's not at all the time I've been training at.  So who knows what the blood sugar bitch will deliver to me.  I'll be wearing my CGM in an effort to stay on top of it better.

Lastly and most importantly:

8. Don't shit myself
But, I hope I can make it to a port-a-potty. I'm not going into the race hoping I don't crap myself, I'm going into it expecting it to happen.  Makes me feel prepared at least.  I'm pretty sure there aren't nice hidden bushy areas for me to sneak behind on this route. I'm still carrying toilet paper with me though.

Tell me guys, am I forgetting anything?


  1. THAT IS A GREAT LIST. I'm so excited for you and of course inspired. GO SCULLY GO!!

  2. You only forgot one very important one....HAVE FUN & REMIND YOURSELF HOW HARD YOU'VE WORKED TO GET TO THIS POINT!!!

    ---sounds uber-cheesy but it's the truth.

  3. you will rock this!! you have covered all the bases, you have trained, you know what you're doing and what your body is capable of,

    you go girl!!! ROCK IT!!

  4. I can't think of anything that you've missed. Great list girlie! Oh, maybe one thing - Smile for the camera :)

  5. I couldn't agree with Celine more. I think I smiled my way through the race and my race picture, for once, show that I am having fun. Thinking positive thoughts is also important. When the miles got hard, I kept thinking how much time and effort I trained and what an accomplishment the experience was. Good luck - You'll do great!

  6. You got this, Scully! Smile, have fun, enjoy the beautiful scenery, thank the volunteers.... you're gonna be GREAT!!!

    Can't wait to read your post-race report!

  7. Have a GRAND time! We are all rooting for you!


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