Monday, October 10, 2011

Let the countdown begin

We are less than 2 weeks from race day.  To me, that is where I begin counting down.

I've read so many articles and listened to a myriad of podcasts lately about running and tapering and getting ready for race day.  I've gained a lot of really good info and tips.  I am absorbing whatever information I can get at this point.

After Saturdays 28km run I feel these last two weeks are the real deal.  The real measure of what kind of athlete I have become over the past year.  One year ago I ran the Niagara Falls half and was totally overwhelmed.  It was the first half I ran in over 3 years.  I was nervous and anxious as hell.  Yet, here I am pretty calm and relaxed while I prepare to toe up to not the half but the full marathon this year.  (Am I even allowed to use the term "toe up" if I'm not an elite runner?)

I am officially into the taper zone.  The mileage is coming down as the resting goes up.  Well mostly down.  I still plan to run 10k 3 mornings this week but that has become my routine and I look forward to it.  Next weekend will be the first weekend where my LSD run is going to be under 20km.  And the last 7 days before the marathon, there will be virtually no kilometres.  *GASP*

I have had every opportunity to push my body to it's limits.  Push my mind to it's limits.  All those weeks of long training runs.  Practising with fueling, recovering, podcasts/music....OMG the list is so long.

If I haven't figured out how to do it now, I never will.


  1. ROCK!! You are going to totally rock!

  2. Trust your training. A gang of RE runners took on Chicago yesterday. Most were first timers. All were nervous and doubtful. Every single one who crossed the start line made it over the finish line upright and smiling. You can totally do this.

  3. you believe in you...
    and WE belive in you!

    it's going to be sooooo sweet!

  4. HOORAY! HOORAY!! You can do it.. and your virtual friend, 50-miles south of NF will be cheering for you that day. You're gonna be great!!

    P.S. Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. I'm a day behind in my blog reading addiction, but I need to be sure to say YOU CAN ROCK THIS!!! And you WILL rock this one. I'll be rootin' for you from far away on Nov. 23.

  6. P.S.S. That virtual friend is ME! (not sure if you knew I live south of Buffalo, lol)


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