Monday, October 24, 2011

The Day/Night before

Yes, I ran my marathon.
Yes, I finished (barely)
More on that tomorrow.

BUT, before I get into the marathon post I really need to go into detail the events leading up to the race as they impacted my performance greatly.

Saturday morning. I started my CGM for the big day. I woke up with normal blood sugar. My normal activities for weekend morning consist of coffee and vegging while reading blogs for as long as I damn well please! breakfast is usually put off until much later. It was expo day and I was making the hour long trip to pick up my race kit packet.

I've mentioned it before but I'll say it again, I like to eat my oatmeal out of a mug on my way to work. Yep. That's me. So although it was close to 11am, I was driving down to Niagara Falls with my oatmeal. By this point my blood sugar had risen by quite a bit. So my bolus was to include a correction. I was going to delay the actual eating of the oatmeal until half way through my drive. Then I was greeted within a few seconds with NO DELIVERY errors. I wasn't too phased, I get these from time to time. Usually from a clog somewhere along the line. But today was different. 0.3u, 0.4u, 0.1u at a time. I had a 7.5u bolus to give for the correction and the oatmeal. I pulled off the highway and sat there PATIENTLY bolusing one little bolus at a time all while trying to keep count in my head. I was already far away from home. In retrospect, I should have just bit the bullet and gone back.

This continued for the rest of the day. I needed to stop off at my parents house after to give them some stuff for the next day. Everybody was there so I hung around for awhile playing with my niece and nephew. The entire time my blood sugar was up in the 16-18 mmol/l (280-320 mg/dl) and each time I tried to correct it was like a game to see how many fractions of a unit I could get in at a time. I knew the problem was in the cannula because I disconnected and gave a 1.5u bolus and it delivered no problem. I had to get home.

No change in blood sugars. Still high.
I changed the infusion set, there was a small kink in the one I removed. I gave a big bolus that went through no problem (or so I thought). Blood sugars still in the high teens.

I went to bed at 9:30pm to try and get as much sleep as possible. I set my alarm for 12am to check up on my BG. At 11:00pm the pain and nausea in my stomach woke me up along with the insane cotton mouth. A check told me 21 mmol/l (378 mg/dl). I was confused. So I gave a big bolus, upped my temp basal and laid there for another hour in discomfort. At 12:30am I checked and it was now at 25 mmol/l (450 mg/dl). I was super nauseous. I pulled out the big guns. Fresh bottle of insulin, another site change, 10u by syringe and 160% temp basal. Upon pulling out the old/new site the cannula looked like it had been through a shredder. I've never seen a cannula so mangled before.

HOW does that even happen?! This was a Medtronic Mio infusion set. It left a super nasty bruise, no surprise! I don't know why I didn't get any "NO DELIVERY" alarm with this. There's no way insulin could pass through that mess.

I waited not very patiently. I struggled sitting on the couch. I was beyond nauseous. I couldn't think straight and it felt like nothing I've ever felt before. This is what it feels like to slowly die from DKA. I'd rather shoot myself in the face. I was stalking my CGM waiting for ANY indication at all that it was coming down. I couldn't settle my stomach and I couldn't drink anything. By 2am I finally saw the down arrow.

I went to bed at 2:30am and woke up at 5:00am. NOT GOOD. Blood sugars in the lower teens. I could barely drink coffee. My stomach was in knots and still nauseous. My guts were feeling awful too. It's like everything between my crotch and my throat wanted to give up on me. As I drove I forced myself to eat a bit of breakfast. I managed to eat less than half my oatmeal. Oh fuck, this was not going to be a good day.

BUT, at least I had an infusion set that seemed to be working! third one's a charm.

That will go down in my history books as the worst diabetes crisis in my 9 years of this disease.

The aftermath of the night. Note to self: I have no more ketone strips left.

My heart goes out to my sister who happened to be in the right place exactly when I needed her. She slapped me a bit and I love her for it. Another thanks also to the mascara fairy. How come she is always there? Mascara Fairy, you really are a fairy!

The happy ending was the finish line and I crossed it.


  1. I am just glad I was there when you needed a little help. You are a super star, you finished your marathon, which I knew you would. Have a great day.
    Mascara Fairy

  2. I'm always around to slap you when you need it. Heck, even if you don't.
    And did I give you my Ketone strips I had left over from when I was pregnant? If not, let me look around.
    I can't wait to read your blog about the actual race :)

  3. I triple curse the mangled cannula!

    ...and i QUADRUPLE praise your ability to overcome and cross the FINISH line!!!

    i anonymously praise your support team!


  4. Holy, you're a superstar in my books. I would have forsure had a meltdown starting at the beginning of your high blood sugar- no delivery day. You're tougher than me that's forusre.

    Wanna laugh??? Sure ya do...I was stuck for a good few minutes when looking at your "aftermath of the night diabetes supply pile" because I couldn't for the life of me figure out what that item was in the top right hand corner of the picture. You know, the clear square with the dome on it with the tube coming out....what kinda diabetes stuff is that?

    Ummm duh, stupid me! It's not even diabetes stuff, right!

  5. Yikes! You are AMAZING!

    What the eff? That infusion site looks destroyed. That calls for a call to Medtronic for replacements. There is no way you could have screwed it up that much just by inserting it.

    That is so scary. I would be freaking out. And to run a marathon hours after? WOW. You are my new hero.

  6. Sisters are nice to have around!
    I'm glad you finished.
    I'm even gladder (?) that you're okay.

  7. No deliveries are the worst. I'm glad you got it figured out, but it sucks that you had so much drama. You're just trying to make your first marathon the most dramatic, right? I'll say it again: You rock the fucking casa!


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