Friday, October 28, 2011

After the marathon...

The nausea continued well after the marathon.

I think I did pretty good managing my blood sugars throughout that five plus hours of running given what I was dealing with. As soon as I finished and was able to think relatively straight I turned my temp basals up to 150% for 4 hours.

Unfortunately I couldn't eat a damn thing for the entire rest of the day. I drank some fluids but food was out of the question. Even when I returned home a few hours later it took me almost half an hour just to drink 1 cup of chocolate milk. I wrote off the rest of the day and vowed to attack recovery the next morning. I don't remember falling asleep because I was out before I even laid down that night.

The day after was tough. I felt dizzy and out of it. There was a fog over my brain that left me mostly unable to focus or concentrate. I went to work in the afternoon. Monday was the worst of the aches and pains but I was pleasantly surprised just how much it didn't hurt. I attribute that to the fact that it took me so BLOODY long to finish the race. My ribs hurt from breathing so heavily for so long and my neck/shoulders were on FIRE. However, there was no going backwards down stairs (luckily I live in a bungalow!). Really, I was just moving slower than usual. And procrastinating getting out of my chair at work. If only my chair doubled as a toilet then I wouldn't even have to get up to pee! What can I say? I think lowering myself onto toilets was the most painful part of the day! Oh and co-workers, hey, you want to talk to me, come over here, I'm not moving!

Finally by Monday evening, I had an appetite!

An appetite that couldn't be filled mind you. Due to the insane crazy high blood sugars that were constantly plaguing my body. WHAT. THE. FUCK. ? I never got those few hours of blood sugars that allowed me to eat freely like I always do after long runs. Totally unfair. I still don't know why I was running so high :(. This is something that is causing me GREAT amounts of stress the past month. INSANE amounts of stress. I have been struggling, there is no denying that. I am so sick of not being able to afford sensors 24/7 because my CGM has proved to be the only thing that has ever helped me bring my A1C down.

I'm digressing and ranting and complaining.

I still feel kind of cheated in a way because of what happened. I trained hard for MANY months for one single day. Yet that single day was totally thwarted when I had two failed infusion sites the day before the race. ALL that work and diabetes fucking screwed it all up. I wasn't expecting a sub 3-hour marathon or anything, don't get me wrong. I was just expecting better than what I did. It's pretty obvious that I'm a stubborn ol' snatch. I'm used to it. I know I won't be able to really appreciate the fact that I ran a marathon until I get a chance to redeem myself.

So it took a couple days post race for things to fall back into place. Mentally, emotionally and physically. That finish line changed me as I knew it would. In many ways. I achieved that which I thought I would NEVER achieve and a large portion of me IS proud. It has brought me to a whole new world of distance running and I know there are many more marathons in my future.

I am already in the process of planning my next race. I am definitely going to run more marathons if for no other reason than to prove to myself that I can do better. Maybe next time diabetes will mind it's own business.


  1. You may want to invest in a "Tall" toilet before your next marathon! We just replaced the one in Eric's bathroom and as a concession to the fact my husband is a giant, we ordered the tall one. It's wonderful when one's legs are sore! Congrats on the race, btw!

  2. F'd up infusion sites or not, I'm damn impressed and am incredibly proud of you.
    YOU. ROCK.
    Kelly K

  3. Dispite diabetes, you finished the race. In my eyes, I can't express adequately how amazing I think you are. Cut yourself some rocked it!

  4. lol you're so hard on yourself! I feel like grabbing your shoulders and shaking you and saying "omg you ran a marathon AND did so while dealing with type 1 diabetes!" I pat myself on the back when I get up out of bed with a 300. And you ran many miles! And you wanna do it again and do it better next time! So awesome.


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