Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Tallygear Sport Belt

I am a lover of Tallygear! 

I use the Tallygear Tummietote for running.
But it wasn't an easy start.

I bought the standard Tummietote and it didn't really work for me.  It was too slippery and I guess my ass giggle overwhelmed the belt and it kept ending up around my waist flopping around and irritating the hell out of me.  Then Donna from Tallygear sent me a new one that was a cotton/polyester blend and I wrote about the success of it HERE.

She even later sent me a 100% cotton one which has become the jelly to my peanut butter of running.

The Original Tummietote

I use this one exclusively.  Yeah it's heavier, it's thicker and it absorbs sweat faster than I can even make it.  But that's a small price to pay for a storage belt that sits on my hips and doesn't move.
Typically for a long run I'm carrying my meter pieces, two gels my phone and of course toilet paper.  It will hold a lot more than that but then it gets really bulky and I get annoyed easily.

I received Donna's newest design that she calls The Sport Belt.  This belt is not like the usual Tummietote.  It has one piece of webbing as a strap with a clip.  I am skeptical of these sort of belts because they don't usually work for me.  That's what caused me to seek out Tallygear in the first place because the design of the Tummietote is unlike all the other strap designs.  I have been using it entirely with all my 10k morning runs.  I clip my pump to the belt AND my shorts which keeps it mostly on my hips.  The only thing I carry in the belt are my glucose meter and toilet paper (the two MOST important necessities eh?).  I have grown to love this thing for my shorter runs.

I mean, it doesn't always stay on my hips and rides up if my pump isn't holding it down but it serves the purpose without using the big guns (the tummietote proper).  

The Sport Belt

Also, given my recent issue with a stolen glucose meter, this sport belt is going to be perfect for my stair climbing adventures so that I can keep dear meter with me at all times.
Thanks Donna!

I love Tallygear, I can't say enough good things about them!

I recently wrote to her and said this:

"When you find a product that changes your life for the better, it's hard not to gloat on about it."


  1. Me too...I am in love with the product AND with Donna. She is simply amazing.


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