Wednesday, September 14, 2011

September 12 of 12

September 12 of 12!
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1.  It's 5am and for the first time in probably a month, I woke up with a good fasting BG.  It's so depressing.

2.  Went for a 10k run before work.  It was 100% relative humidity out there.  There wasn't a dry spot on me anywhere.

3.  Somehow I have to fabricate a 4000 square foot custom home out of this shitty sketch.  It isn't even on paper, it's trace paper.  Whole lotta guessing.

4.  Didn't say anything about photographing and driving!  kidding.  I was stopped at a light beside the highway.

5.  Stopped to visit some old family I haven't seen in a long time.  Hi Nana and Poppa!

6.  LOVE tomatoes SO much.  Got a good handful from my garden but they didn't make it past my mouth.

7.  While I was picking tomatoes I noticed this guy.

8.  THEN I got a visit from the tomato maker!  Yes please, pollinate my tomato buds!

9.  Went for a little rollerblade skate with a friend of mine down by the lake.  This is not the lake.  This is some decorative waterfall - obviously.

10.  It was pretty late by the time I was on my way back home.  I remembered I was totally out of dog food and hadn't fed him yet!

11.  He doesn't seem interested, maybe he's mad at me.

12.  Gotta wash the sweaty stuff!   Good night!


  1. love cherry fav!!

  2. I love ALL of these pictures. 12,000 words here!

  3. These were fun - and great photos - even the laundry!

  4. Love how the dog is not interested in the food. He does like kinda pissed. :)

  5. Great pics! Made me wish I had some garden tomatoes too...I gave up this year. Love your cute dog!!!!!!

  6. I love your photos! :) I wish I had that kind of skill with cameras.

    Your dog is so cute! I miss having a pet. Also, that looks like a very confusing sketch....

  7. have a fancy USB cover! I want one!

  8. A 10K before work?!?! Wow. Well done (envious).

    Your pup is adorable... I'm sure he wasn't mad at you after you were home a few minutes. Dogs are great that way. :)


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