Friday, September 9, 2011

Ear noise

I have a bunch of thoughts (posts) in my head about things I've been thinking about while running lately.  And since my blog is turning into more of a diabetes and exercise thing I'm going to start sharing.

Running for me has evolved over the years.  I am less of a strict runner and more of a "take it as it comes" runner.  I'm sure a lot of that has to do with the mileage under my belt and how comfortable I am in my shoes. 

This post is about noise in the ears.

My old MP3 which I can't bring myself to throw out.
I say "noise" because my tastes have changed.  I used to have this 512mb MP3 player I bought in Taiwan for almost $300!! At the time, 9 years ago, that was a good price! I listened to the same songs over and over.  To death.  As the mileage increased I got bored with this thing and constantly having to change the playlist which I hate doing.  I finally invested in a shuffle (that was just last summer by the way).  But still, I would listen to a lot of the same songs for months until eventually I found myself hitting the next button way too many times in a row.  It didn't seem to matter how many times I changed the music.  I was simply bored with music.

In the beginning I refused to ever run without music.  A few times I would get suited up and plug in only to discover a dead battery.  I never ran far those days.  I hated the silence and it would bore me to tears.  This was before I got to a point where running became my time to think.

Then during that bad race I left my ear buds out for half the race.  I did it primarily because I needed to focus on getting to the finish line and the music was too distracting.  Since my BG's were causing me grief also, the noise in my ears was causing me to be short tempered.

Things took a huge change when I started running in the mornings at 5:30am to avoid the insane summer heat.  I won't listen to anything.  Partially because its so dark out and I find music sort of deafening to my senses.  I feel less aware plugged in.  I fell in LOVE with the peaceful sound of crickets, birds, my breath and my shoes on the pavement.  I have zero desire for noise in my ears in the morning.  It feels like sensory overload before I'm barely awake.

Things took another huge change in the rest of my life also when I stopped being able to listen to any music.  All songs upset me.  Music in general made me angry and I began listening to talk radio in my car.  THEN, I started downloading podcasts to listen to on my runs.

What a world of a difference.  It's not like bouncing around to music or bopping your head and mouthing the words.  Which I do like also, just not lately.  Podcasts add a whole new element to my running enjoyment.  I get to listen to stories and interviews.  I learn all sorts of new things!  I'll share some of my favourites.  Yes they are sort of diabetes and health related but that's what I'm interested in right now.  I'm sure I'll discover new podcasts along the way but for now I'm listening to The Marathon Show, Underground Wellness and Chris' Just Talking podcasts.

So I switch it up.  Especially on my regular weekend 3.5+hour runs.  I start early in the morning and enjoy the sounds of nature.  Crickets have become one of my favourite sounds EVER. Then I'll put on a podcast (or two) and maybe a bit more silence a bit later to focus on my form and breath.  Near the end when I'm hurting and lacking motivation I'll throw on some music that I can really bop out to.

That's my ear noise sharing.


  1. Apparently we think the same because my blog today is about music too :). I still haven't tried podcasts but am thinking I should. Lots of runners friends seem to be doing it so perhaps I should jump on the bandwagon.

  2. ok 3.5 hour runs! OMG! :-)
    and yes-podcasts are great!
    If only there was a podcast to get me off my arse ;-)

  3. Well, I don't think I have ever been able to run 3.5+ hours, even in my prime, but I do love a good podcast! :) And I, too, have switched to listening to talk radio in the car.

  4. Oh man I love podcasts, waa just thinking of taking all music off my shuffle so i have max podcast space for my race next weekend.

  5. Thanks for sharing this. I am clueless when it comes to music devices...the last one I owned was a Walkman! Never listened to a podcast, perhaps after work I can check them out. Thanks!


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