Friday, September 2, 2011

Blame it on the protein bar

"That fucking protein bar lied!"

... that's the thought that went through my mushy brain as I laid almost upside-down sweating in the plastic dentist chair with mouth agape while my teeth got scraped.

I got to the dentist, it was about 3:30pm.  Talked to the hygienist for a bit trying to talk my way out of my almost year and a half absence.  She puts the chair back, turns that oh so attractive mouth spotlight on and as I go to open my mouth something perked in my head.  It was an ever so slight twinge that took me by surprise.  The twinge that I often feel the moment I am low. 

I reach up under my top for my pump to check and see what the CGM is saying.  I thought maybe it was nerves.  Nobody likes having their mouth prodded and suctioned and scraped.

CGM is showing a 5.5 mmol (99 mg/dl) with double arrow down.  Not a good number after only having lunch 1.5 hours prior.  Ah fuck.

I excused myself as I reached into my bag and tested my blood.  2.8 mmol/l it says (50 mg/dl).  I continue to apologize for now totally forcing a delay on the tooth job.  At 2.8 I'm on the edge of not functioning so well.  Especially knowing it was going to get a hell of a lot worse before it got better since it was hardly any time since lunch.

Here I am, nurse sitting beside me with mask on and hands holding tooth torture devices while I munch away on 4 giant rockets as fast as I could.  It was somewhat comical, getting my teeth cleaned AND eating sugar.  I knew where this was going, and that was the worst part.  There was no way around this.  I either forfeit the appointment or sit and bear it.  As long as those rockets are in my system all I can do is wait.

The low continued to get worse.  She went to town on my teeth.  I laid there as the sweat began to form.  I could feel my hands trembling and struggled to keep my mouth open.  The lights were dancing in front of my eyes and it sounded like I was in a tin can.  I told myself, "Just keep your mouth open and by the time she's done you'll feel better".  I could feel my heart beating out of my chest.

The low was like a freight train.  It slammed through town kicking up a dusty windstorm.  Just as fast as it came though, it left.   As they put me back into the upright position drops of sweat dripped down my cleavage.  I was clammy and cold as the hypo left my body but at least I had clean teeth!!

The whole time I was thinking of that stupid protein bar I had for lunch.  It was the first time I had tried that kind and I'll admit, I was skeptical when I read the carb content and looked at the size of the bar.  But like a good diabetic I bolused for what was on the package.

IT LIED!!!!!  It so totally lied.

Sure maybe it was a fluke situation and I just went low for whatever reason but usually my midday to afternoon numbers are good and my carb ratio has always worked.

Ah bugger, I blame it on the bar anyway.

I left a sweaty body print mark on the vinyl dentist chair and apologized for it.  I wanted to take a picture but felt too embarrassed.


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  2. Better a sweaty body print than a bloody finger print!

  3. What an awful experience! I can only imagine. The way you wrote it, I had to chuckle at the thought of you eating sugar while getting your teeth cleaned, though. That just figures, huh? I hope that protein bar at least tasted decent.

  4. Awww man Sculls...that sucks. I really felt for you sitting in that chair and having to deal with the low while you got your plaque scraped. Love you!

  5. Whatever the worst possible place is to have a low seems to be the place it inevitably always happens...SO frustrating! Glad you felt it and checked.


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