Tuesday, August 16, 2011

They are getting longer and longer

Saturday I ran really far.  Further than I had anticipated.  I do my long runs at the same place and just add on at the end.  I was planning my run the night before because I needed 2 places to drop of water.

It wasn't that much further.  And really, when you are used to running 20+ km every weekend an extra km or two is a drop in the bucket.

The run went really well.  I maintained a decent pace.  I always find on my LSD runs that I run a bit too fast.  I was trying to train within my HR zones.  Because this was an LSD run I was battling between pace and HR.  The first hour and a half went really well.  I was keeping my HR at about 80% and maintaining my pace at 6:45min/km.  But as the run progressed it got hotter and more humid.  Since my recent research about how heat and humidity naturally raise your heart rate, I was armed with some knowledge.  By the end I couldn't even run slow enough to bring my HR down.  7min/km is my limit.  I refuse to run slower than that because it actually gets MORE tiring.   Training within HR zones is really hard!  On top of that I have determined that my HR definitely runs MUCH higher than the average.  Which in turn makes it difficult.  I'm new to this HR thing though so I don't understand why, at my age and the fact that I normally have lower than average blood pressure, is my HR so high?

I had amazing success with my guts for the first time ever!  I was worried because the last long run I did here it seems the dude who's job it is to unlock the bathrooms slept in that day.  That was also a run where I had to pop 4 bush squats and wasn't feeling all that great.  It was like dry heaving from the rear end, really not a visual I want you to imagine.  It was really awful.   Normally, I can't get past the first 5 minutes without running for the bush.  Saturday, however, I made it to the first bathroom at 4.5k  (mind you I had to go the whole way there).  It feels weird to say this but it was a  nice change to crap in a toilet for once.  It was sort of luxurious believe it or not.  Then, I ran the rest of the entire run cramp-free and needed no emergency bush visits!  You have no idea how happy this made me.  Although I'm sure this is a fluke, it really made my morning.

BG wise.. it was so-so.  I Struggled with high BG's all night and started the run off much higher than I'd like. Through careful monitoring, calculated temp basal rates and a wee bit of insulin I was back on track for the rest of the run within an hour.  It doesn't explain the INSANE persistent highs I had later in the day and ALL night though.  An infusion set change Monday morning showed some infection and white ickiness oozing from the site so maybe that had something to do with it?  During the 3+ hour run I had (spaced out) 4 dates, a banana and a package of fruit chews.  I am kind of bored of gels so I thought I'd switch it up a little.  In fact when I was searching through my Tummietote at the first stop for some goodies I was so excited when I pulled out my baggy of dates!  I totally forgot I put them in there the night before.

I had some thoughts along the way about these things I do totally alone.  I'm really glad that I have the ability to manage these runs solo.  I take precautions like stashing water and bananas along the route.  I ALWAYS carry my phone just in case I need a pick-up.  I watch my blood sugar like a hawk and usually carry too many carbs making my Tummietote belt seemingly expand my waistline with its bulkiness.  It isn't easy though, mentally, to take off on 3+hour runs like that alone.  I don't necessarily enjoy it but that's my only option to get my long runs in.  I always maintain an element of nervousness about doing these things alone with diabetes which keeps me on my toes.  I never get too complacent.

The other concern I have is with one of my knees.  It started causing me a bit of pain and continued to hurt as the run progressed.  By the end I was close to limping.  The rest of the day I kept trying to ignore it like it was a surface bruise or something.  I refuse to believe there might be something wrong.  Except now.. I am worried.  I am worried that I somehow twisted it without knowing it.

Here are some pictures from my little adventure:

Butterfly on a shimmery rock.  

I'm into architecture.  This house is weird.  There were cameras around the perimeter of it and every single window had the shades pulled.  It was like there was no sign of life.  Sure maybe the people weren't home but something gave me the willies about this house.  Perhaps it was the stark white car that matched the stark white house.  The wood door was the only thing resembling warmth.  Most of the house was surrounded by a high matching stark white solid fence.  There was not a shrub or landscape feature in sight.  Just weird.  I can appreciate the contemporary design of it but it freaked me out.

This was at my turn around point at about 14km.  I circled where I started.  I was totally freaked out when I couldn't even SEE where I started.  It really put the distance in perspective.  I'm sure the haze didn't help.

Despite the gigantic message on the sidewalk, I did not obey!  Running on concrete is stupid and I ran on the bike side.  It was okay though, all the people cycling were on the road any way (which makes more sense).

A little bit closer.  Now only 10 km from my starting point. Still can't really see it though.  It was getting more and more hazy.

I feel bad for this person.  Who steals plants!?

Saturday's LSD run
Distance: 29.36 km
Time: 3:22:06
Avg. Pace: 6:52 min/km
Avg. HR: 171 bpm
Calories burned: 2063 cal

Overall this run went really well.  It only really hurt near the end (isn't that always the case).  I had plenty of water and never felt dehydrated.  Although it takes a lot of time and planning to stash water ahead, it's totally necessary.  I mean, there's no way I'm risking growing a 3rd eye drinking Lake Ontario water.  And with the exception of my knee right now, I am feeling closer and closer to being ready to run my marathon.

I also would like to share THIS POST with you.  I woke up this morning to it after a long night of tears, nightmares and fears.  Not from running but otherwise.  That post has come at precisely the exact moment I needed it.  It needs to be read (by me) every day from here on out.  


  1. Epic post and great images to illustrate your adventure. I was very interested in the bg references you listed in the prior posts as well as the humidity piece.
    I was wondering if you had ever seen the information from this study into metabolic associated with intense workouts in type 1’s? Researchers found that people with type 1 diabetes may burn more fat and less carbohydrates during exercise, compared to non-diabetics.

  2. That is all I could think about...was you, alone, exercising, with type 1 in the mix. I take comfort in knowing how diligent you are in your care and how you have studied how your body reacts to different training experiences. Oh...and YAY...on the toilet.


  3. Love those pics. Seeing the pics of how far you ran really puts it in perspective. The white house, btw...totally creepy.

    Ya know it's a good day when you have access to a toilet :)


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