Friday, August 12, 2011

Here's the adventure that YOU chose

Happy Friday folks.  I don't know about you but I've had a fucking hellish week and look forward to a lot of sleep and an insanely long run tomorrow.  First, THANK you everybody for this.  It was beyond fun to come up with answers and beyond time consuming too!  Holy crap!  It was exactly what I was looking for.  It took me days to answer and kept me thinking about other things.

So for that I am grateful.
Hope I answered all your questions to your liking!      


If money was no object, where in the world would you most like to visit, and why?

I would like to visit New Zealand.  First of all? My very good friend is living there right now and it would cost me more than my car is worth to get there.  Also? So much adventure to be had! backpacking trips, kayak trips and so much more.

With all the activity you do, what do you feel works best to avoid lows?

3 things, temporary basal rates, temporary basal rates and temporary basal rates!!!  Oh and knowing my body really well through a lot of exercise trial and error.  I sort of live by that key insulin pump feature.  I drop it down at least 1 hour before exercise.   I test about every 45 minutes during long runs and long rides.  I also maintain a regular carb intake during exercise from sport gels etc.  After multiple days of exercise I watch my blood sugar carefully. This USUALLY works to avoid lows but I still have them probably more often than ideal.

1. How much basal insulin do you require in a 24 hour period? 

Interesting questions Fiona...  I feel like I'm about to really expose myself here, but I asked for it!  I take about 20 units of basal insulin per day.  Is that a lot?!

2. What's the most insulin you can remember taking in a day? 

I was recently browsing through my daily totals while I was sitting on the can (for some reason this is my activity of choice, don't ask) and I saw a day where I had taken 51 units.  I normally take between 25 and 35 units/day.  I don't remember ever seeing that much on my daily totals.  I do remember that day I had a major site failure though. 

3. You can be any being (including other species, aliens, shapeshifters, whatever) ever conceived, fictional or real, person or not. Who/what would you be and why? 

Holy crap! cool question!!  Well, unlike a lot of the population addicted to the new age vampire thing I do not really want to be a vampire.  I think I would totally be an alien and not just because you wrote it.  I've always had a secret fascination with other worldly things.  It would be neat to look at the planet earth from another angle because our world is so itsy bitsy in comparison to the universe.  I spend a lot of time looking at my life from that perspective.  It fascinates me how the earth in it's whole is like one giant ant colony.  Like really, does it matter if we sleep in for work one day?  And why do we make big deals out of small things?  I often feel like a little ant.  I'd love to see the world from a bigger perspective.  PLUS my name is SCULLY and I love the X-Files!

The other option of "being" that I would love to be is an Ewok!!!  They live in trees man!

What do you think are the best things about Scully? What makes her an abso-fucking-lutely amazing chick?

Weird question Celine.  How the hell am I supposed to answer that?  seriously?   
As odd as it is... I WILL answer all these questions!  What are the best things about me?
hmmm... I am a very caring and giving person.  I am sensitive to others' needs and have a big heart (I think).  I like to take care of people.  I have an appreciation for nature and the environment. I also make really mean peanut butter chocolate fudge.

If you could trade in your diabetes for any other disease, would you? If yes, which one would you trade it in for?

I think I've pondered this question the most and I can't really think of another disease I would take over diabetes.  Yes, ideally, NO disease is a good disease but you speculated that I had to choose one.  Going off the top of my head, I'd take a thyroid disease or JUST celiac.  In fact I'd take both of those at the same time over diabetes.  Mostly because they are manageable and diabetes is totally NOT.  Plus they don't come with the same death threats.  That's always a good thing.

If you could do any career and money was irrelevant, what would you like to do?

This question hits me hard because I've been doing a lot of thinking about my current career.  If I could somehow work in a way that I can get outside and exercise that would be ideal.  I have a pipe dream of being a professional cyclist for Team Type 1 and training with real athletes every day.  But that is just a pipe dream, I'm not getting any younger.  I dream of using my diabetes and exercise knowledge and applying it somehow.  If I could get paid to train for marathons and cycle races all while photographing and writing about it, that would be a dream job.

There is another dream job (am I allowed to have 2?)  see Kim's question below.

What is the best part for you with having diabetes? 

This is an optimistic question.  Please let me direct you to the trash bin because optimism isn't tolerated here.  JUST KIDDING!  Thank you Lauren, this is exactly what I needed.

The best part?  challenging myself.  Diabetes forces me to work hard, think hard and on a different level it has motivated me to be the way I am.  I am not a competitive person but challenging myself is what drives me.  The other most insanely obvious good part?  Meeting a whole new community of people both online and recently offline.  

Case in point!
You have a 24-hour break from Diabetes, what would you do? 

24 hours.  We have all had this question in our heads before and in reality, 24 hours is not long enough to rid ourselves of the background stress and habits of living with diabetes.  However, disregarding that stupid aspect, I would definitely consume mass quantities of goodies without guilt.  I would bask in the fact that I'd have no idea how many carbs I was eating.  I'd spend the entire day in a warm ocean somewhere scuba diving and not quietly freak out because I'm disconnected from my pump and I'm not afraid of going low while 50' below the surface of the ocean.  Then after I spend hours underwater, I would rip my clothes off and walk around naked all day.  Yeah, that's right.  I don't feel truly naked with infusion and CGM sites while a box hangs from my body by a tube.  And when I AM without them all, say for the 5 minutes in between replacing them all, I'm too stressed out and worried to fucking enjoy it.   TRUTH.

When did you start running, and why? 

Holy moly, loaded question!  I have had this blog post all about why I run floating in my head for months so I'll give you a quick run down.  My father was a marathoner and as kids we would sometimes follow him on our bikes during his training. I do think I got the running gene from him.  If not the gene than the inherent trait of being driven by motivation to push my limits. I used to have these re-occurring dreams that I was running forever without ever running out of breath or getting sore muscles.  I finally began running at about 19 yrs old and found it extremely difficult.  I wanted to be a "runner" though and worked through the difficult stage.  I added more and more distance until I found myself quietly jogging along and not really running out of breath or getting sore muscles.  Just like my dream.  I have run on and off over the years training for different races.  This time however, I don't think it's going to stop.

If you got to repeat any year of your life, without changing a single thing that happened that year, which year would you select? Why? 

I backpacked around South-East Asia with my then boyfriend for a few months when I finished teaching English in Taiwan at the beginning of the year.  Then we returned to Canada where I designed and implemented a month-long (24/7) summer program for my students in Taiwan.  We brought them to Toronto where we carried out this program all over Southern Ontario from Ottawa to Niagara Falls teaching and guiding these Taiwanese students and immersing them in Canadian culture.  I then spent the next few months happily unemployed.  I hiked, biked and enjoyed every second of it.  I went on a 7 day canoe trip and a few other camping excursions.  I met and fell in love with someone who changed my life.  Then I started working for a REALLY great company in my industry (Architecture).  This was by far the best year of my life.  Thank you, for the question.

Unfortunately I don't actually have any of the pictures from the summer camp program I did.  But here are a handful of relevant pictures.

Teaching in Taiwan
At Angkor Wat in Cambodia 
I don't think this picture needs a caption

If you weren't diabetic...what on earth would you blog about to stay connected with an awesome posse like us? 

Hahaha!  I guess I wouldn't have a clue!  There isn't much in my life that I could write endlessly about like the struggles of this every minute demanding disease!  To be honest, I am certain I wouldn't have a blog.

What it's like in your part of the world. Pictures please! :) 

:) You are so cute!  How do I really sum this up in one answer?!  Well, where I live in particular is Southern Ontario.  It gets down to -20C in the winter and +40C in the summer.  We have rain, snow, falling leaves and sunshine.  We are in a very protected area and aren't burdened by natural disasters like tornadoes, hurricanes and earthquakes.  We don't really have any mountains here sadly but our forests and lakes are pretty nifty.  Speaking of lakes, it's the Great Lakes!  That's a lot of fresh water. Southern Ontarians are workaholics and traffic is really bad.  The cost of living varies a lot from city to city but it's generally quite high. I put a few pictures below.

Winter camping in Algonquin Park
Hiking the Bruce Trail in the summer
More camping
View of Hamilton, Ontario from across the water
if you could meet anyone, anyone at all, living or not, rich or poor, well known or unknown, who would it be? what would you talk about? 

I'm going to give you the first name that popped into my head.  Michael Reynolds.  He is the brain behind Earthship Biotecture radically sustainable buildings.  More recently he is known for the documentary about him called Garbage Warrior.  I have been interested in his philosophy for MANY many years (like over 10 years).  I would talk to him about his work and demand he take me on as his life long apprentice.

This is dream job #2 and probably a lot more attainable than being a professional cyclist.  My background is Architecture and it's always been a dream of mine to go down to New Mexico and get a hands on education building and designing Earthships. I am a tree-hugging hippy at heart.  I have been dreaming for many years about  doing the Earthship thing.  I mean these are dwellings built primarily from recycled materials.  They don't require utilities like water and hydro.  They are completely and 100% off-the-grid and environmentally friendly.  I feel passionate about green architecture and though designing and drawing up crappy buildings pays my salary now, I don't feel morally right about it. 

what is it about running? Personally, I don't get it because I only run if my or my girls' life depends on it, so explain the fascination, please.

Well, see Colleen's question for part of this answer. She asked when and why I started running.  Now I will explain what I LOVE about running.  Running makes me feel free and strong.  It gives me confidence.  I love that it doesn't cost much more than a pair of shoes and I can do it anywhere and all year long.  It's true what they say about running.  It's 70% mental.  It's stress relieving and produces endorphins.  It helps build my muscles and maintain my cardiovascular health.  I was told by my endo if I stopped running (or exercising) I would need to start heart medications.  I like the rewards I get from knowing I can run further, faster and harder.  Running is cumulative.  You stick with it, you get better at it.  You get better at it, you feel like you've gained headway.  The sense of completion after finishing a long race is inspiring and so rewarding.  I like that the only person I have to rely on is myself and my own drive and motivation.  Speaking of that, I love that it is mostly a solo sport.  I get my anxieties and tension out on the pavement.  I get a lot of thinking done while running and because it is a mental sport, it is also meditative.    

Wow, thank you Denise.  I didn't know I had that kind of an answer in me.

Describe what you were like at 5 years old?

I think I need to quiz my parents on this one!  I was a shy kid.  At 5, I was probably pretty introverted for the most part.  My parents would probably say I was "WEIRD".  I've heard it many times before.  I was more interested in the things in my head that my imagination would produce more than I was at things in the real world.  I am a middle child after all, doesn't that explain a lot?

From L to R: My sister, my brother, my cousin, me, my other cousin.  Summer fireworks at Nana and Poppas house!  I have no idea how old I am here, I just snagged this off my sis' FB page.

1. Any special talents we don't know about?

- Wow.  well, I can gallop on all fours like a horse (my niece really likes it).  
- I can fold my tongue into a weird 3 loop thing.  
- Although I'm no circus freak, I can still fold myself into a lot of interesting ways
- I can type almost as fast as I can think.  Up to 90 words per minute (the average is 36).  It's kind of gross actually.  I don't know why I can type so fucking fast. Also, I can't look at my hands while I type or else I'll screw up.  I wonder if there is any way I can use this special talent for something other than boring data entry?
- Did I mention the amazing peanut butter chocolate fudge I make?

2. Favorite movie

If I had to pick only one I would say the Lord of the Rings (series)
BUT, Disney's Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast are my all time classic favourites.

3. What does your bike look like?

It's nothing special unfortunately.  I bought it off of a friend (so I didn't even get sized or choose it from a store).  I got it when I was just getting into road cycling.  I'M DYING for a new bike! My bike is like total entry level bike in fact it's probably the entry level to the entry level bike.  Like less than the "bunny hill" of bikes.  I have treated it well though and it has carried me many thousands of kms with lots of smiles so I can't complain too much.  I just REALLY want a new semi-pro road bike (with flashy colours!). I feel like I've grown out of my bike and I'm ready for something better.

Yeah, I keep it in my living room!

My Sister
Who has been the most influential person in your life?

I know you probably don't want to read this and I definitely don't want to write it but that person would probably be my ex.  From start to finish and beyond.  I am still being influenced now and that really sucks.

Oh, and because I'm related to you, I get a second question. If you were a kid again for just one day (say 8), what would you eat??

Hmm... at 8 years old? (I think that's what you meant)  I would probably stuff my face with chocolate Popsicles, freezies and chocolate bars.  I had a big sweet tooth at that young an age.  I hope you weren't expecting me to say milk bones and bananas because I think it was around that age that I was eating those.

My friend Jason
What makes you truly happy and what can we do to help you get there again?

Jason, Jason, Jason.  Always trying to find the secret to life.
The answer is not worth typing because it's an impossibility.  In a nutshell? What would make me happy?  My old life back.  My heart full again.  
There is no way to get there and there's nobody that can help me.

The Mascara Fairy
THE MASCARA FAIRY would like a report on how the new stuff is working for you?

OH mascara fairy!  Although I've never met you and I don't even know what you look like, I think about you every single morning (on work days) as I stand in front of the mirror oscillating my lashes!  I will never reach Reyna's status of lash hierarchy but I'm okay in her lash shadow.  Plus, through all the crying lately this stuff has held up phenomenally.  the most waterproof stuff out there I'm sure.  THANK YOU!

Green Stevo
What do you think we are afraid to ask or know about Scully?

I like this question but it makes me nervous.  Let me think about that....  I bet for those who don't know my story they are probably wondering why I'm in such an emotional state.  Like, what happened to me that left me this way for so long and I can't really answer that because it's so personal.   I guess I was expecting more questions like what's my favourite food or colour etc.

THAT'S it folks! This was REALLY fun and time consuming!  We should do it again sometime!


  1. I really enjoyed this!! And, you and I have a lot in common, even more than I originally thought!! Right down to the scrolling through the pump history while on the can thing and the basal insulin. :)

  2. This was fun! Great questions and great answers, I just learned SO much about you! gotta love yourself, Scully, cuz we do :)

    I'm fascinated by the garbage warrior thing...I am going to ask you some questions about it soon!

  3. i was excited to read this post as soon as i noticed it! it was great! i totally enjoyed it, and you answered each question! you are funny, and truthful, and i love that about you!!

  4. This is was awesome!! I really appreciate how much time was spent on every question :) esp mine!! haha you're right though, I do like how diabetes challenges me as well, but sometimes it's nice to not be challenged as well. -Lauren

  5. Awesome! So glad our questions occupied your mind for a while...and so glad to have more insight into Scully. ;)
    Oh, and you MUST post the recipe for the peanut butter chocolate fudge!!

  6. This was so cool :)

    I love reading about your quirks!!!!

    My daughter uses 20u/day. She's 8. I'm thinking all your exercise is keeping you young, my friend :)

  7. Wow! Thanks for sharing ... some of it made me laugh so hard my guts hurt, while others popped goosebumps onto my neck.
    ps. I am thankful every day my celiac test came back negative, I don't think I could deal with that, nope not at all. I can take needles, and insert big-ass infusions, but take away my baguettes and tartelettes and cookies and you might as well just shoot me!

  8. Yay! This post was awesome! :)

    So, when can we expect you to post your recipe for peanut butter chocolate fudge since some of us don't live nearby......

    On the surface, at least, it appears that we're more similar than you might think. I can do that tongue thing too, I also have a purple pump (affectionately named PIP for Purple Insulin Pump although I don't normally name inanimate objects), and our bikes!

    I had to do a double take when I saw a photo of your bike. Mine is a silver specialized road bike (girly version though... the Dolce). I traded my hybrid bike for it with someone from Craigslist. It's a bit small and I want something better fitting and flashier, but it's all I can afford right now. It too, resides in my living room. I'm going to have to email you a pic so you can see what I mean.....

  9. You have EXCELLENT brain to tongue muscle nerve connection, coordination, and control. How did you learn the 3 fold thing and how old were you? Does your tongue muscle cup into a bowl when you yawn?


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