Thursday, August 4, 2011

Choose your own adventure

I can't write about anything right now.
I am in such a bad state of my life that I have to close off from the world.

In an effort to try and stay connected and feel like I am still alive, I'd like to try something.

I've seen a few bloggers out there do this so I'd like to try it too.  I like to call it the "Choose Your Own Adventure Meme."

Basically?  Ask me anything you want to know about me, my diabetes, the rest of my life.  ANYthing goes.  Leave a comment with a question and I'll compile them into a great big post with answers (and probably pictures cuz that's just the way I roll)

My only fear is that nobody will do it and I will look like an unpopular turd. 

I already feel like a turd dried up and covered in flies so I could use your help.  No question is off limits, it's pretty obvious how blunt and up front I can be.


  1. Hi Scully, sorry to hear you are feeling down - hope things brighten up for you soon. If money was no object, where in the world would you most like to visit, and why?

  2. I loved Choose Your Own Adventure books! Okay, so what question to ask? Hmmm ... okay, I got one: If you could trade in your diabetes for any other disease, would you? If yes, which one would you trade it in for? No healthy option here. We're all diseased, it's just a matter of what disease you want to be :)
    I hope you start feeling better Miss Sculls ... I bet a trip to the other side of the country would help. Just saying...

  3. I think this is a wonderful idea. My question for you is: If you could do any career and money was irrelevant, what would you like to do? Keeping in mind that you must do something, you cannot travel or stay at home doing nothing. You must do something of some kind.

  4. I am sad to hear you are feeling down! I know it can happen though and it goes through swings, so hopefully you will be on the upside soon!

    Question for you...What is the best part for you with having diabetes?

  5. I'm sorry you're feeling down, I'm sending you huge hugs!! Put on the thong song and dance! It may help. Id totally join you if I could :)

    With all the activity you do, what do you feel works best to avoid lows?

  6. You are defo not an unpopular turd! =D

    My Q is, you have a 24-hour break from Diabetes, what would you do?

  7. Turds stink and you most certainly don't stink...well, maybe you do after a run, but whatever!
    A question for Scully...ummmm...why is this so hard to come up with a question?!?! No, no, that's not my question....ummm...I know...what is it about running? Personally, I don't get it because I only run if my or my girls' life depends on it, so explain the fascination, please. :)

  8. Sorry you're down!!! I hope the dried up turd feeling passes (sorry, bad pun). I've got a few for ya:
    1. How much basal insulin do you require in a 24 hour period?

    2. What's the most insulin you can remember taking in a day?

    3. You can be any being (including other species, aliens, shapeshifters, whatever) ever conceived, fictional or real, person or not. Who/what would you be and why?

  9. What do you think are the best things about Scully? What makes her an abso-fucking-lutely amazing chick?

  10. Sorry you're feeling "off." Hope it fades soon.
    My question.
    When did you start running, and why?

  11. If you got to repeat any year of your life, without changing a single thing that happened that year, which year would you select? Why?

  12. I had to give the question thing some thought. Here goes...

    If you weren't diabetic...what on earth would you blog about to stay connected with an awesome posse like us?

    We bloggers sure stick together! Feel better girlie, you are cared about here.

  13. Hey hope you're not feeling down for too long! You're far too interesting for all that :D

    My question: well, Denise seems to have already asked what I wanted to know, about what drives you to run. But I am also interested in what it's like in your part of the world. Pictures please! :)

  14. don't let shit get you down. remember we are all here for you. look at all the questions you get to answer! and you thought no one would ask! HA!!

    so.....if you could meet anyone, anyone at all, living or not, rich or poor, well known or unknown, who would it be? what would you talk about?
    enquiring minds want to know 8-)

  15. Ok, so as your sister I will take FULL advantage of this (muahahaha) Just kiddin' I'll give you an easy pass. Who has been the most influential person in your life? Oh, and because I'm related to you, I get a second question. If you were a kid again for just one day (say 8), what would you eat?? Essay questions will be graded on humor and grammar.

  16. MASCARA FAIRY would like a report on how the new stuff is working for you.

  17. Hey Chris, we are all here for you always. Like I said before, "People stand out for a lot of reasons but you stand out foor all the best reasons. Your outstanding just because your you". My question is...what makes you truely happy and what can we do to help you get there again?

  18. basically you asked us to ask a question or two of you...

    I did some research and decided that there is NO perfect question...oh sure, it might be witty or funny...but would it be THE Million Dollar question?...probably not...and who really didn't say to ask anything that would be earthshatteringly brilliant.

    i am surprised at how safe the questions did commit to answer then what are we afraid to know?

    THAT'S IT! That's my question..

    What do you think we are afraid to ask or know about scully?

    (please note that the preceding question was not meant to be sneaky...anything you say, will NOT be held against you) have already shared so much of your life with us...please continue...WE will be the better for it...

    ...most comments opened with a 'get well' wish...i will close with you can see by all the are a POPular turd.

    happy to know ya....and wanna know more!


  19. Hope I'm not too late! I was having troubles posting for a while.

    First of all, I hope you are feeling better and/or life's kinks are working themselves out.

    Questions for you!
    1. Any special talents we don't know about?
    2. Favorite movie
    3. What does your bike look like?


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