Monday, August 15, 2011

August 12 of 12

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There are lots of macro shots today.  I broke my favourite camera lense when I crashed my car so now only have a big fat wide angle or a super zoom macro.  I'm quite sad about this.


1.  Guess what I had to do first thing in the morning.  UG.  I waited 1.5 hours for my turn.  This means only one thing.  Next week I have a majorly dreaded endo appt.

2. Listening to The Marathon Show podcasts at work.  Thanks Tara for introducing me to this podcast.

3.  Hee hee!  Bethany didn't fail to remind us all!

4.  At the print shop waiting for copies of my weeks and weeks of hard work.

5.  I love skies like this.  I also noticed my camera is dirty.

6.  I hate advertising.  I hate it so much but I found this little gem of a flier in my mailbox and I thought it was really creative!

7.  It's Friday night and I'm working.  Happy to finally have some freelance but it sure does come at a cost.

8.  After reading Katie's post I couldn't help myself and went out and bout some fancy chocolate because I haven't had any in a long time.  This is the 2nd bar of 2 bars.  I ate the entire first one.  Oops.  I still find it somewhat curious that she writes about breaking the chocolate habit and all it makes me want to do is EAT MORE chocolate.  I have a problem.

9.  Getting ready for Saturday's early morning run.

10.  More morning run preparations.  This will be breakfast come morning.  YUM, my favourite.

11.  Squeaky dog toys that I always end up stepping on in the middle of the night.

12.  My seductive pump picture.  I took this for that take a picture of your pump day.  I have no idea what it was all about really, but it had something to do with taking pictures and diabetes so I did it.

Thanks for stopping by and perusing my pics.  See you again next month.


  1. scully...

    i always like your pictures! matter how appointmenty,podcasty,facebooking,waiting,
    cloudy,advertising,scaling,chocolatey,preparing,cooking,squeaky,seductive.....they ARE!

  2. Your podcast picture makes me want to check it out (I'm not a marathoner - doubt I ever will be, but I'm enjoying running 5-6 miles now, so I figured I might learn something from it)... the chocolate makes me want some of that, too. :)

    That's the most beautiful view of a pump I've ever seen. :) COOL!

    Thanks for sharing your 12.

  3. The chocolate pic!!! I am not going to be able to get that out of my mind. Must find chocolate.

    Enjoyed the "seductive" pump pic...Ooh la la!!! My injection pic was anything but seductive...maybe next month...ha! :) Great 12.

  4. a window into Scully's day...loved it!
    totally craving chocolate now, too...thanks!! ;)

  5. Woot wooot for podcasts and for all your running. When is the marathon.

  6. Yay! There I am! Believe it or not, yours is the THIRD 12 I appeared in this month (not including my own)! Crazy!

    Love the pump shot. Uber sexy!


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