Friday, July 8, 2011

Where are the other uphill runners?

I needed a good run along my regular route tonight.  It's been a stressful week between dealing with a cold and dealing with buying a new car.

It's only Thursday.

There is something calming about a familiar route.  Expectations that can be met worry-free for the most part.  I enjoy that familiarity.  I am a creature of routine when it comes to my work out schedule.  I like to plan it out ahead of time what I'm doing that day.  Today all I wanted to do was hit my home town route.  I have two, one is a relatively flat 5k and the other is a challenging 8.5k.  I should probably come up with a relatively flat 10k but I haven't gotten there yet.

I have talked about this 8.5k route before and how it has a long gradual hill which gets increasingly steeper and steeper the closer to the top it gets.  The top being the funny little bump between 3.5km and 4km.  It's a feat of will power and endurance if you ask me, I don't find it easy at all.  I no longer run the route in the downhill direction because it doesn't challenge me enough.  It has a knack for pushing my limits every time though.

The elevation from my Garmin
I wouldn't exactly call myself hardcore by any means.  I find it strange that nobody ever runs the route uphill.  I see tons and tons of runners all the time and 98% of them run downhill (the set of stairs meets you at the bottom of the downhill)  Not that it makes a difference but this is a beautiful gravel trail that skirts along the escarpment and is surrounded by big trees and nice views.  I think it makes a difference when I'm chugging up that hill and I am shaded by all the big trees as well as being rewarded with a lovely view at the end.    So I know its the harder direction.  But why does nobody run uphill?  Do I live around lazy runners? Unlikely.  There are hoards of other runners who do challenging things.  How come I never see them?  I look back often and nobody is ever behind me.  I never catch up to anybody.  Today I must have passed close to 15 runners going the other direction.   It begs the question, "Am I crazy?"  or better yet, "Do I push myself way too much?".

I don't think I'm crazy, or I push myself too much.  I would just like to see someone else wanting a challenge too.

I discovered something very refreshing upon arriving home.  The garden hose.  I stripped down to just my shorts and sports bra, unclipped pump and had a good ol' time cooling off with the hose in my backyard.  It works quick and feels great.  Made me feel like a kid again.

Tonight's Run:
Distance: 8.40k
Time: 55.42
Avg. Pace: 6.30min/km
Avg. HR: 169bpm


  1. You're not crazy, you do not push yourself too much.

    But you may act crazy and push yourself A LOT

    And that's why we love you :)

  2. might want to be more careful with your verbal visuals....between antsy crotches, meters between boobs and now.....a wet t-shirt contest?!...i gotta go take a cold shower!!!

    The uphill climb attains the higher goal!

    go! scully go!

  3. I love that you choose the challenge over the easy route. It so doesn't make you crazy, just awesome-ly determined. :)

  4. I LOVE running up hills! Where I used to live there were hills in every direction, that went up, then went up even further, then went up again! I once ran a half marathon in a town where it was very flat and the locals were struggling to run over a bridge!!! I much prefer running up them - less stress on the joints = less injury :)

    So that makes at least two of us :)

  5. Love that you challenge yourself Sculls. This is what makes you YOU!

    How's the car shopping going?

  6. My house is on a hill, so half the time I'm running uphill. Yet whenever I meet other runners when I'm going downhill I think, "I know I'm going downhill now, but I was going uphill just a little bit earlier, so don't judge me.... Wait, why am I talking to myself about this? La la la, nothing to see here. Move along."

    p.s. - What Sysy said.


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