Saturday, July 30, 2011

Speed intervals and stupid shorts

Thursday morning's run.

2nd day in a row waking up way too early for a run.  I didn't quite have to drag myself out of bed as bad this time.  Perhaps stepping on the SSSqqqqqeeeeeeaky dog toy in the dark on my way to the bathroom helped.  Or the humongous mug of coffee I probably drank TOO fast.

Either way, I got out without too much whining.

I ran speed intervals for the first time on my own.  I found a high school track less than 2km away from my house which was a perfect warm-up distance.  Also perfect distance to make for a bush visit on my way in hopes of cleaning "house" before the hell I was about to endure.

I call it hell because I didn't know what I was doing.

I've done speed runs and a bit of fartlek training (no, not FARTing, but I do a lot of that too).  Thing is, the only official interval training I've done was that one time with Celine.  I was so grateful to have someone show me the ropes and I dutifully followed her as my guide.  But that was a long time ago, like a month and a half ago and I don't really remember all that I learned.

I put my stuff down, started my Garmin and took off!

200m "holy shit this is too fast."
300m "I can't maintain this!"
400m "you mean I'm only half way there? but... " as I passed my water bottle
500m "And there are people that maintain a pace FASTER than this for entire marathons?!"
600m "5:45am is not meant for speed intervals."
700m "I'm going to die"
800m (I'm not even thinking because I can't breath)

repeat 7 more times.

The shorts. Where they belong!
It did get a bit easier as the reps went on.  Except for those FUCKING shorts!!
OMG!  If I was wearing underwear I would have taken my shorts off.  I've got these really shitty (no not literally) and totally uncomfortable pair of running shorts that I get stuck wearing ONLY when my others are in the wash which was the case this morning.  I HAAAATE these shorts so much.  For some reason they get caught and tangled. I can't explain the complexity of these garbage shorts without demonstration. The fabric is so dumb and stiff and not good for running shorts. (though I bought them at the Running Room eons ago).  I keep them around, but no longer.  The minute I got home they went straight in the trash.

Um.... so by the 5th interval I checked my BG expecting a beautiful number.  Wow, was I ever in D-land disappointment hell when I saw a 15.5 mmol/l (280 mg/dl).  I started with a 7.6 mmol/l (135 mg/dl) and my -75% TBR (as per usual) had been on since 4am.  I immediately thought my meter must be fucking mistaken.  There must be some garbage on my hands.  Nope.  Re-check advised me of blood as thick as syrup.  I set my 150% TBR and managed 3 more reps that felt really crappy psychologically just KNOWING the hell my body was going through.

Then my guts acted up again and 2 more intervals was going to ruin me.  I tried to get home but, well, didn't make it.  Upon arriving home my BG was now up to 16.9 mmol/l (304 mg/dl).  sigh.

I KNEW what I did wrong and I KNOW what happened.  I ran too fast.  Don't let the word "speed" fool you.  Yes it's about running at a pace you are going to be uncomfortable with but it's also about being able to maintain it.  I pushed myself too much.  I needed Celine to guide me!!  However, lesson learned and I will watch my pace better next time.

I also experienced FIRST hand how super high intensity cardio makes blood sugars skyrocket.  Next time I do speed intervals, no low basal rate.


  1. Nah! You just think you need me. But, if you want lesson #2, we were told to do speed again this week instead of hills so you're welcome to join me.

  2. OY! Diabetes is so damn finicky...Funny, when Joe was younger and he was learning to ice skate, while using a crate he would go low. He took lessons where they were adament about NOT using a crate and he would go sky high due to anxiety (I guess). Damn picky disease.

    xo You are an inspiration. I ran a slow 4 yesterday. Planning on another today.

  3. That happened to me during Tour de Cure! Thought I was going low and tested with a near 300 number. D makes absolutely no sense at times.

    P.S. Glad you didn't end up running in your underwear! :)

  4. When I complete speed work (every week), I don't lower my basals at all because then I'll end up in the 300s like you did. It is defintely a "live and learn" thing.


    I have no patience for exercise clothes that move. NONE! DON'T FREAKING MOVE!

    I know you'll tackle those numbers with this whacked out speed stuff...just like your other runs and the steps.

    You'll conquer it...and leave those shorts in your dust!

  6. Speed interval training uses more pumping muscle action which requires insulin so got it girl, next time will be much better!


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