Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A ride, and an OLD friend (mostly the old friend)

Running, Biking, Hiking...  Any more exercis"ing" that I'm missing from the weekend?

Sunday.  Beautiful and fucking HOT!  YUM!  It was 28C with a humidex making it "feel like" 35C

I hit my bike for a 40-something km ride.  I wanted to go more but I actually had things that needed to get done that day.  I really love riding in the sweltering heat.  I wonder about myself sometimes. I drank lots more water, all the water I could carry in my two bottle cages on my bike.  It was a VERY serene and calming ride.  My rides always consist of a 6km uphill climb before I'm into the country roads.  My legs must have been a little tight from the run the day before because the hill was exhausting.

Once I was all loosey goosey and settled into the ride it was really refreshing.  HOT, sweaty, refreshing.  Something about it just rids my body of un-needed stress both physically and emotionally.

Sunday's Ride:
Distance: 45.58 km
Time: 1:52:42
Avg. Speed: 24.3km/h
Avg. HR: 146 bpm
Calories burned: 1251

I was then greeted by an old yet familiar face.  My old old friend Emil!

I have this friend who travels the world teaching English and Scuba Diving while gallivanting between stints of work.  I see him on average of once every few years.  He calls himself a professional backpacker which is entirely accurate.  He doesn't come home to visit often and when he does, he never tells me.   The last time he showed up in the lobby of my apartment building in a disguise.  I've known him for over 10 years.  We shared COUNTLESS adventures snowboarding, camping and general shenanigans.   He is by far one of my best friends.  Always has been.    When I lived in Taiwan he came to live with me for a few months.  When he was living in Thailand doing his Scuba thing, I went and stayed with him for a month.  When he was working in Banff (Alberta) and I was living in a city 3 hours north of there I drove down to stay for the weekend.  We have both travelled and lived in similar countries and never broke our friendship.

Emil & I in Taiwan sometime in 2002 or 2003, I'm not sure.

Emil & I in Thailand.  Mind the muckiness of the photo, this was back when I was using a film SLR camera and it got accidentally soaked.  (2005)

Emil & I in Banff, Alberta.(2008)

I've got albums more worth of pictures but they were taken before the wonderful days of digital.

We went for a hike after my ride to catch up on years of life that couldn't be caught up through emails and facebook.  I LOVED sharing with an old friend.  I LOVE the connection we have been able to maintain all these years.  A true friend is someone you see once every few years and it's as if time didn't even go by.

Our hike was the best way to share some quality time together.

I was taking this picture because it's SO ODD for me to wear "shoes" that aren't flip flops or clogs in the summer.  I mean, other than running and cycling shoes.  (I don't really like shoes)

Many years later.  We are still the same old crack addicts.

Emil is a professional backpacker.  He has a youtube channel where he displays his pretty awesome videography skills.  Watch at your own risk!  It can be downright hilarious, educational  and sometimes vulgar and crude.  But that's what I love about him!  Monkeetime's YouTube channel.  He didn't ask me to post this, I just want to share the hilarity.


  1. I'm NOT that OLD!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  2. Great photos, love that you got to reconnect!!! :)

  3. It's great when you can keep that friendship going and pick up right where you left off :)


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