Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The past week or so I've had a few lessons in priorities.

I have a goal.  I have a few goals actually.  I have a 20k, 30k, half-marathon and marathon during the summer and fall.  The biggie being the marathon.  There's no playing games with training for a marathon.  You have to be dedicated and stick to the training plan no matter what.  Well, aside from sickness and what-not.

I find I can screw around with half-marathon training because really, I have run so many of them that  the distance no longer scares me.  So long as I keep fit and make certain to get my long runs in, I can wing it pretty good these days without any super specific training.

Marathon.  That's a fucking scary word that isn't part of my vocabulary... YET.

So lately I have had some choices.  Since the weather is beautiful and friends are coming out of the woodwork to enjoy it, it's been hard to say "No."  I have to get my workouts in.  They take a lot of time out of my day with pre planning around diabetes.  Also with the post-run duties like icing my foot and getting some proper food in me.  Not to mention how much sleep I need.

When do you say "No"?

I really want to see some of my friends but unfortunately my priorities have to be my training.  It's really hard to tell them I can't hang out because I have to go climb stairs and won't be available until after 8 or 9pm.  In return we always end up with a "well maybe next week."  It's so much easier to say screw the run, I'll do it tomorrow.  Typically, that's what I would do.

But..... my training is now my priority.  It's my goal.  This time is VERY different.  This goal is much bigger than anything I've ever done.  I hope it doesn't mean I get stuck never seeing my friends.  I hope it doesn't become more of an obsession than it already is because I will turn into some strange hermit who lives alone and sleeps in running shoes.  Can't have that.  I just don't know how to fit in socializing with this crazy schedule.

Besides, it doesn't help that all my friends live in other cities and to see them is always at least a half hour drive one way.  FRIENDS, move closer dammit!


  1. I admire you! Half-marathons scare me. I love walking and playing ball, frisbee, etc, but I am not a runner. Many times I've tried and many times I've given up. Maybe I'll try it again. Just be sure to set aside some friend time so you don't become that strange hermit. :)

  2. lol! I swear I can't run more than 3 miles at a time so when I see you say that half marathons are a walk in the park I'm so impressed and bewildered all at once! I think running is such a mental you've got one strong noggin there! Hope you're able to work your friends in soon. I'm sure you will :)

  3. Well, when is the marathon? It's hard giving up some of your social life, but I'm sure your friends would understand if you tell them your schedule is going to be super busy with training up until XX date. Or maybe make them come out to you once in a while! I can't wait to hear about how you tackle this marathon. :) Good luck!

    Oh, also, I have a terrible time saying no, as well.

  4. I think you are amazing! Go after your dreams! Accomplish your goals!

    Try to carve out some time for your friends too, though. Everyone needs a little balance. :)

  5. Invite your friends to partake in your crazy (I mean awesome) adventures!

  6. Woo! A full marathon. From my experience, you can say no to some of the shorter workouts during the week- like the speed workouts or hill repeats. The workouts you can't say no to are the long distance runs.... When I was training for marathons, Saturday was my long distance day. No day plans as I never knew how long it would take, and I am a big fan of curling up for a nap afterwards, but I was usually up for hanging out in the evening. Good luck! I can't wait to hear more! :)

  7. Priorities are hard to keep in line. There are times I have to force myself to do what 'needs' to be done instead of what I 'want' to do...including sometimes having to force myself to do the social thing when I'd rather just stay home. Granted, I'm not training for anything (you are awesome!) but, finding time for friends is important.
    I think that if they are truly friends, they will understand your need to say 'no' or how being able to hang with them needs to fit into your schedule and will do what they can to make it work.
    Just my two cents... :)

  8. Oh are gonna become an anti-social hermit damnit! LOL.

    Good luck...a marathon takes some serious training. See it through. You can and WILL do this. xo

  9. This seems like the story of my life...trying to balance the exercise I *WANT* to be doing with the needs of my family and the rest of my life.


    I like Valerie's suggestion of telling them the date and explaining the situation. BUT I do think it's important for you to stay connected...FRIENDS are special...and if you have a special pal, they're worth carving out the time. A win-win would be to have them run with you for a bit!

    Sorry I've been MIA...trying really hard to strike that balance over here...and blogging has had to take a back seat :(


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