Friday, July 15, 2011

The Meter Bandit

The other day I was climbing the stairs.

I have been climbing the stairs once a week almost ritually for well over a year now.

Every week it's the same thing.  There's a small landing about half-way up where the regulars often leave a water bottle.  In the winter you can often find other belongings of mine like toques, jackets and mitts.  What else do I ALWAYS have right next to my water bottle?  My glucose meter.  For over a year.

The other day I turned my music on, plugged in and went to town.  Same as every other week.  I drink water every single time I pass my bottle on the way down.   I had climbed 2 reps and was on my way down for my third when I stopped to drink some water.  My meter was right there.  I got to the bottom, immediately did an about turn and headed back up again.  This time as I was coming up to my water I noticed something.  Something was missing.  My meter.  Gone.

Someone stole my fucking meter!  I AM PISSED!!

It had only been about 4 minutes since the last time I saw it, it was gone.  What gets me even more pissed off is that I must have passed the culprit going up or down.  I get into a groove with the stairs and don't often pay attention to the folks around me.

I know I have had people tell me it looks like a wallet.  Okay fine, steal the ugly nylon "wallet".  I get it.  But when you get far enough away and open it up to find something clearly medically related, put it back maybe?  I checked all around at the top AND bottom of the stairs with that theory in mind.  That maybe some shithead realized it was of no value and was to embarrassed to put it back where they found it but at least had the decency to leave it where I might see it.  Yeah.  No can do.

I left the stairs after 3 reps because I was upset and angry and no longer in the mood to do stairs.  Not to mention I was now climbing blindly as I had no other way to check my blood sugar.  I suffered hours of blood sugars into the 15's all evening long because of the lack of exercise I had planned for.

Agh.  Totally loosing faith in humanity.  I shudder at the thought of someone just throwing my meter into the forest.

That was my Contour Link.  The one that links with my pump.  You can't buy them in stores, only through Medtronic which also means you actually have to PAY for it.  Rather than the usual of buying 100 strips and getting the meter for free.  It had a special custom zipper pull tab that held significant emotional value to me. I know, that sounds so stupid but it's true.  It also had a Delica Lancing device I had paid for separately and a GU gel stashed in the back pocket.   OH and over half a bottle of strips.


I am sad.  I've never ever felt uncomfortable at my stairs.  I've been going weekly for over a year.  Now I feel I have to carry my meter on me while going up and down.

It also got me to thinking about the assholes out there.  The ones that steal meters and throw pop bottles.  I am almost uncomfortable leaving my water midway up the stairs now.  What if some dick head puts something in my water without my knowing it?

Sigh.  HUMANITY!!   Argh.


  1. What is wrong with people?? I wonder what they thought when they saw what it was...

  2. That's ridiculous! Stealing anything is bad but a medical device is an even greater evil. I curse them with huge feelings of guilt that can only be alleviated by finding you, apologizing and handing you a shiny new meter and full box of test strips!

  3. It makes me furious that there are people out there like that!!! I am crossing my fingers it may show up at the lost and found? Check, because perhaps whoever took it ditched it in a weird spot and it was later turned in. I've had a car stolen, and stuff like that, but a meter is so very personal. Karma is a bitch, I hope whoever took it gets a real bitchslapping!!!

  4. Un-freakin'-believable!!! some people are just so ignorant! like you said, once they realized there was no money in it, why not just drop it on the stairs and leave?? perhaps you then would have found it and not had to put out MORE money, cause as we all know, being diabetic is not at all expensive! HA!!

  5. Unfortunately I can see people doing this. In the world we live in there are people who will steal anything that is not nailed down. It's a sad way to live, but you really cannot trust people to leave your belongings alone. Like you say about your water, you just cannot trust that no-one will mess with it, take it, poor it away just to annoy you. Sad that people get a kick out of such things. I try and believe that these kinds of people will one day get what is coming to them. They will either get caught or become a victim of the same thing and only then might their minds be changed.

    The amount of people that say my meter looks like an old style mobile phone. I'm sure someone would steal it if I left it unattended for even the shortest amount of time.

  6. These sort of things are always so should be able to trust people! Do you think someone thought it was "lost" and took it to turn it in? I hope that's the case! Either way, that is shitty. Maybe you can explain to Medtronic that someone stole it? :(

  7. Are you freaking kidding me? That's so f'ed up beyond belief. Seriously, someone should hunt that jerk face down and inject him/her with diabetes (because you can totally do that right) and then steal their bloody meter! Bastards!

  8. That's beyond ridiculous! Totally fuuuhhhhked up! (channeling my inner Reyna! ;) )
    I can see the whole 'wallet' scenario, but when they realized what it was they could have just set it somewhere! Stupid a-hole!
    Sure hope Medtronic is compassionate and will at least give you a discount, if not replace it for free.

  9. That sucks, Scully. Seriously sorry. I'd post that Wanted photo with a snapshot of your meter, and say something like: "To Meter Thief: I KNOW who you are. Hand it over. You know where it belongs."

  10. Ah that is B.S. AND...I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you wrote "dick head". I haven't had to use that one on my blog yet. :)

    I am so sorry about the loss of your meter Sculls. xo

  11. I started to write that I couldn't believe that someone would; a)steal your meter, and b)not return it when they found out it wasn't a wallet... but then I realized I could believe it. Because it seems that more and more people suck these days. URGH... so sorry for you.

    I have a Delica that I received for free, but we've never used... I could send it your way if you want. Just let me know.


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