Monday, July 11, 2011

Long time since a long run

Ahhh... Saturday long run.

I didn't realize until I looked at my recent exercise calendar that it's been a number of weeks since I've done a long run.  Long ride - yeah but not a long run.  So I was VERY over due.

Right before I started my run.  Beauty view.

It wasn't TOO hot but that didn't change the fact that it FELT really stinking hot.  The first 5k was pretty uneventful except for making an emergency pit stop at the bathroom for .. well.. reasons that I wouldn't want to write about.  just "The usual" for me.

The overall experience of this run was pretty good.  Aside from the intense thirst factor I think it was a decent run.  Blood sugar wise I am happy with how I handled it.  1.5 hours ahead I set a 25% basal.  It was at this time also that I had oatmeal for breakfast and bolused half.  I woke up in range which helped tremendously.  I find that a big factor on determining how BG's are going to pan out for the exercise.  If I wake up high, things get all out of whack.  I started the run with a 7.6 mmol/l.  At 8km I was at 9.9 mmol/l.  At 11k I dropped down to 4.4 mmol/l and had a GU gel.  I finished with a 4.9 mmol/l.  I was pretty happy!!  As a post-run recovery attempt, I had, for the first time ever, some chocolate milk!  It was quite refreshing in a weird sort of way.

I find that I seem to have a problem with timing hydration.  Firstly, I do like to do my long runs along this one recreational trail.  It has bathrooms (happy Scully) which also means places along the route to fill up on water.  I drank about a litre in the first 10k which was only two bottles worth.  It was AFTER the first 10k that I started feeling desperate.  Seriously desperate.  I barely made it the next 5k.  I was so thirsty and drank all my water before I even got there.  When I filled up again I chugged a bunch before topping up and leaving again.  It continued like that for the rest of the run.  So, the first 10k I drank a litre.  The next 11k I drank 1.5 litres and STILL felt desperately thirsty.

By the time I arrived back at my car I tried wiping all the salt build up off my entire body so I wouldn't leave it all over the seats of my new car.  I'm not sure what I did wrong.  Why I was so thirsty?  I mean, it felt like I was walking for days in the desert kind of thirsty.  Water was gold and I was ravenous for it.  Or maybe it was just the heat and I did my best.  I was moderately hydrated pre-run.  I'm not a huge fan of electrolyte tablets DURING the run because I don't like flavour when I'm running.  It also gives me pasties and makes me more thirsty.  But maybe that would have helped?!  I don't know.

It wasn't until I noticed that I didn't have to go to the bathroom an hour or two after the run that I realized how dehydrated I must have been.  I drank for a good few hours before finally breaking the seal.  Needless to say, I fucked something up in the hydration department.  All that drinking of water was indeed out of desperation.  I drank 2.5 litres of water during my run and didn't "GO" to the bathroom after.

Have we talked about pee enough now?
yeah.  I think so.

How about chafing?  HA!  I came away from this run with no blisters because I used copious amounts of body glide on my feets.  Where I did chafe though was where the tag on my shorts was rubbing against my back.  Yeah, TAG CHAFE! and it burns!!  I also got a nice little hot spot on ONE of my thighs.  So I must have a weird lopsided run or something.  Mean rough thigh chafed innocent smooth thigh.  The last little unknown chafe spot was a little spot where my HRM rests.  Gah.  Couldn't have seen that coming.

Okay, peeing, chafing, emergency bathroom visits...  It's time to end this post.
Clearly running is about more than just running.

I stopped here for a BG check

Saturday's LSD Run:
Distance: 21.38km
Time: 2:27:42
Avg. Pace: 6.54min/km
Avg. HR: 166bpm
Cal. burned: 1497


  1. OMG what city do you live in? Those are GORGEOUS photos. The post was so funny. lol 2.5 liters is a lot of liquid! Amazing how the body works and how sometimes it's like, "I'm extremely out of this world thirsty today" and we're like, "What the hell? you are" Oh and chocolate milk-YUM! You know what's kinda sad to me? I never exercise long enough to get any kind of chaffing, but it is a pain, I remember it from my two week stint in cross country running in high school. Anyway this is gold: "Mean rough thigh chafed innocent smooth thigh" lolol

  2. Oh, Scully...only you could make me giggle about a long ass run! ;)
    Bummer about the hydration thing...sorry no words of wisdom, but you sure are making me thirsty!!

  3. A) Wow! Good job with the blood sugars! And yay for long runs!
    B) Chocolate milk is the BOMB for recovery food. I don't often "treat" myself to it, but my boyfriend had brought some along in the cooler for me after my trail race Saturday. <3
    C)Eh, we all have bathroom issues. I really hate runs where there are stretches of more than 5k without bathrooms.
    D) Strange hydration. Maybe you didn't drink enough the day before?
    E)...Body glide on the feet. Hadn't thought about that one yet. I may have to try it the next time I go out for a longer run.

  4. Hey! So your BG is pretty awesome, and while I like starting my runs with nothing less than a 10.0, I've been advised to try and start with something more akin to an 8.0, but I always fear that my blood sugars will drop before I finish my run - drama! - so after reading your post, I figured I'd just ask you what it is you're doing so hopefully I too can mirror that perfection!

    Great run by the way ... I managed to get all dehydrated on my pidly 11 km run yesterday. Yay sun! :)

  5. Oooh, gorgeous pics!!! Glad you got a long run in, I might run someday if chocolate milk is offered! :)

  6. I can't figure out hydration either. But it makes the world all nifty and sparkly (and, yes, a bit woozy and tumbly) afterward. Ha!

    Chocolate milk is great for recovery. The trouble is not drinking it at other times.

    Body Glide for the footsies! Brilliant! Imma give that a try.


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